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Season 2, Episode 25
Air date September 21, 2015
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Zeal is episode 25 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the manga story line from Chapter 309 to first half of Chapter 312.


Sawamura successfully throws the changeup and the pitch combined with Miyuki's clever game calling makes it difficult for Ouya's batters to focus on a pitch. At the bottom of the ninth, with Ouya failing to turn the game around, Seidou takes the win.


Bottom of the sixth and runners on first and second. Ouya's clean-up, Hiro Kasuga is at-bat. Miyuki calls for a pitch that's low and away since its the most effective against batters who swing early. Kasuga fouls the pitch as well as the next. A couple of spectators wonder if Sawamura is getting tired but in truth, he's only thrown 56 pitches in six innings. The third pitch is high and inside but is a ball. The fourth pitch, Miyuki calls for the changeup. Sawamura's heart race and can't explain what he feels. He successfully executes the pitch, striking Kasuga out.

Batting fifth is Yamazato who popped-out a fastball. Yamazato tells his teammates that the changeup keep crossing his mind and his teammates wonder if this is Seidou's plan all along. Wakabayashi thinks back when Sawamura failed to execute the pitch in the first inning, then says that it might've been a fluke. He himself, has been winging pitches and his words improve the morale of the team. Araki acknowledges this as Wakabayashi's strength.

Top of the seventh, Wakabayashi struck out Seidou's batters, three for three and Sawamura does the same to Ouya's batters at the bottom. On top of the eighth, Haruichi hits a home run increasing Seidou's lead to two. The next batters follow suit and by the bottom of the ninth, Seidou is up by four. Furuya is frustrated not being able to pitch, but Kataoka sends Sawamura to close the game. After a combo play from Haruichi and Kuramochi, and three strike outs, Seidou wins and move on to the semis.