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You're In the First-String
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date December 29, 2013
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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You're In the First-String (Ichigun Shōkaku, 一軍昇格) is Episode 13 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from Chapters 34 to 37 of the manga.


Kataoka finally announces the two players to make it to the first string who are Haruichi and Sawamura. Chris who wasn't able to make the cut is chosen as the teams manager.


Zaizen Naoyuki, Chris’s old rival from junior high, is back at the plate and only Sawamura and Chris stand between him and glory. But recall that Chris is struggling. He’s not 100 percent and his right shoulder is hurting by now. And, like usual, it’s Sawamura that pumps everyone up. They’ve got runners on first and third and only one out and Chris is worried about all sorts of things. But Sawamura just says, “Focus on the batter” and we’re back in the game.

Zaizen tries a squeeze bunt to bring the third base runner home. Sawamura saw the run and instinctively threw the ball to the ground, just like against Azuma. And hats off to the catcher for making sure that wild pitch didn’t actually go wild. Chris got the ball and jumped up to pick off the third base runner. After that, though, Zaizen can only get foul balls. Several in a row. But the time in the batter’s box reveals something similar to Chris: he’s got an injury too. A ligament in his right knee tore and he’s just not the guy he used to be. Just like Chris. His right leg and Chris’s right arm are twitching and it’s Sawamura’s game to lose now.

After what has to be about five or six pitches, Sawamura returns to his old pitching form. He’s going to play hardball like true baseball players play hardball: straight down the middle. After six walks and no runs allowed, Sawamura got the strikeout.

Sawamura and Haruichi are, the ones chosen for the first string. But the coach spends some time after they’re chosen to talk with the about dozen other third years who no longer have a chance to play in the first string. Sawamura’s watching from outside though and he wonders why he was chosen over Chris, and over the other third years. This was their last chance and, with two more chances himself, why him and not them? Why not Chris?