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Yoshikawa Haruno
Seidou High School
Bats: - Throws: -
Kanji 吉川 春乃
Gender Female
Age 15 (debut)

16 [1]
17 [2]

Date of birth 22 April
Height 158 cm
Weight 45 kg
Education 1st Year High School (debut)

2nd Year High School (current)

Class 1-C (debut)
2-B (current)[3]
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 7
Anime S1 - Episode 4
Voice Actor Yurika Endō (Act I: S1 - S2)

Ayane Sakura (Act II)

Yoshikawa Haruno is a second year student of Seidou High School and one of Sawamura Eijun's classmates. Haruno also is a manager of the baseball team, just like she always wanted to be.


Yoshikawa is a clumsy young woman and as a result of her clumsiness, she often makes more work for her seniors, sometimes exasperating them. Despite her admiration towards the team, she is somewhat shy and finds most of them too intimidating to speak to.


Sawamura Eijun[]

At the start of being a manager, Yoshikawa was a little depressed because she thought that she was only a nuisance for others. But then she witnessed a quarrel between Sawamura and a teacher during class and was impressed by him, because even though he got laughed at for stating his goal in front of everyone, he still worked hard towards his goals. She states that she really likes people who are "as stupid" as him, and reveals that there’s one thing she has always wanted to do: "Support the players who are working their hardest to reach their goals." [4]

Umemoto Sachiko and Natsukawa Yui[]

Sachiko and Yui are Haruno's fellow team managers. Because of her clumsiness, Haruno often causes more work for them, which leads to them getting exasperated sometimes. But after some initial difficulties, they get to know each other really well and start to work together as reliable teammates.

Fujiwara Takako[]

Takako is Haruno's reliable senpai. It was a tearful farewell when Takako and the other third years retired. Like Takako, Haruno is the lone team manager of her generation.


Name Etymology[]

  • Yoshikawa (吉川) - Lucky River
  • Haruno (春乃) - Of Spring



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