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With Chagrin In His Heart
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date December 1, 2013
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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With Chagrin In His Heart (Kuyashisa, Mune ni Kizande, 悔しさ、胸に刻んで) is Episode 9 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from Chapters 22 to 24 of the manga.


After asking Chris to teach him about baseball, Sawamura starts following Chris everywhere. Chris finally agree to catch Sawamura's pitch and leaves Sawamura a question of what his distinctive qualities are. In a scrimmage, Chris helps Sawamura figure out what he's lacking after a poor performance from the latter.


Sawamura is very considerate and nice to Chris - following him everywhere to such an extent that it is already annoying. Most of the time Chis avoids him. Sawamura starts to exaggerate his training and Chris tells him, that he still don't know how to use his body well and that overworking is ineffective. "Practice isn't about aimlessly working hard. Learn to rest. Also, don't follow me around anymore. You are a pest."

So Sawamura starts to observe the practice of the other members and realizes that in order to perfect a strategy every player has their own role to perform. "This is how to play defense as a team." Takashima is happy that Sawamura has finally understood what he was lacking and that he tries to gain knowledge of it. The only thing left is to communicate with the catcher.

Miyuki who meets Chris when he comes back from his training with his father, tells him: "Those who can bring out the hidden potential in that idiot would only be us catchers!" With that and Sawamura's determination Chris is slowly becoming himself again - his old self before the injury.

Chris later on confronts Sawamura with the question: "What's your strong point?" Sawamura needs several attempts and defeats until Chris tells him that fastballs and good control are something you can't acquire easily. Sawamura should dedicate himself to build up the basics so that he'll make more of his strong point. But Chris doesn't reveal Sawamura's strong point.

During the practice match Teitou High School vs Seidou Private High School Furuya's fingertips gets injured and so he isn’t allowed to pitch for two whole weeks.