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Whispers of the Devil?
Season 2, Episode 21
Air date August 24, 2015
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Whispers of the Devil? is episode 21 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the manga story line from last few pages of Chapter 296 to Chapter 299.


Days before the quarter finals, the Ouya and Seidou baseball teams prepare for their up coming match-up. At Ouya, the team practice seemingly in a hurry, while at Seidou, Ochiai expresses his disappointment in Miyuki and teaches Sawamura a breaking ball.


Zono proposes a "Second-years-only" meeting to Miyuki to have everyone say their honest opinions. Miyuki has his concerns in the matter while Kuramochi thinks it's a great idea. Zono then apologizes to Miyuki for putting all the blame on him and that he'll try to help Miyuki from now on. Nabe and his friends arrive and Nabe says that he enjoys doing scouting work and not planning to quit. Miyuki smiles and Zono accuses the former of doing something again.

Four days before the quarter-finals, Kataoka helps his players practice. Kuramochi points out to Haruichi what's lacking in his plays before returning to his position. After practice, Kataoka announces that he doesn't plan on using Furuya the next game to focus on healing his injury. Sawamura will be starting, pleasing the freshman. Later, Kawakami's peers tell him that Sawamura is only able to pitch freely because he's behind him. Miyuki assures him that they'll be needing his strength for the semis and the finals.

At the bullpen the following day, Miyuki catches for Kawakami, Ono for Sawamura and the net for a frustrated Furuya. Meanwhile at Ouya, Mine and Oowada notice that the players seem to be practicing in a hurry. The coach explains that their practices are short because other clubs also use the filed and that the school doesn't let failing students play, being an academic school. Wakabayashi practice his pitching, credits Seidou's line-up then says that he won't lose to baseball "gorillas" who practice all-day long.

At Seidou Nabe and Miyuki talk about Ouya and Sawamura's pitching. Ochiai appears, tells Miyuki that should the team reach Nationals, it will be due to luck and Furuya. Miyuki is shocked but replies that the team improves every game and no one thinks they'll be losing the next games, much to Ochiai's disappointment. In the gym nearby, they hear Sawamura's voice and finds him asking his first year peers what he's lacking. Kanemaru and Tojou tells him flat out. Miyuki, Nabe and Ochiai join them, and Ochiai teaches Sawamura the change-up.