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Where I am
Season 2, Episode 07
Air date May 18, 2015
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Where I am is episode 7 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from page 7 of chapter 250 to first half of chapter 254.


Seidou and Teitou continue to hold their ground. Mukai continue to out Seidou's batters while Sawamura allowed one big hit from Kengo but is aware of the current limits of his abilities. At the bottom of the eighth, Maezono, who hasn't made any hit yet will get to face Mukai with bases loaded. Will he finally get a hit off Mukai?


Bottom of the sixth, Seidou pressure Mukai, who walks Kuramochi with four balls. Haruichi lands a hit and the ball went past the shortstop. Kuramochi jolts to third. With runners on first and third, Mukai controls his pitch to be just barely above the strike zone, and Maezono pops the first pitch.

Top of the seventh, Sawamura continue throwing to the outside and went three for three for the inning. At the bottom, Miyuki lands his second hit of the game while thinking that he loves pitchers with good control. Sawamura bunts, but the ball is stopped by the mud. Kengo throws to second to out Miyuki but Sawamura makes it to first base. Seidou however, doesn't score following a double play.

On top of the eigth, Sawamura face Kengo. Realizing that they cannot out him with outside pitches alone, Miyuki finally calls for an inside pitch. Sawamura throws, but Kengo makes contact and the ball goes behind the right fielder, and Kengo runs to second. Sawamura, in his own way lets everyone know he's mad, but is aware of the limits of his abilities.

Bottom of the eighth, Seidou is down by one. Mukai's pitch count is at 120 but the coach doesn't switch him out for experience. Seidou's first and second batters are out. Mukai face Tojou next. The first pitch is a sidearm crossfire and is a strike. He hits the second pitch with just one hand and gets on base. Kuramochi is now at-bat and despite two outs, Kuramochi bunts then sprints to base. Teitou makes an error in their defense and Tojou reach third while Kuramochi reach second. Haruichi is walked by the battery opting to face Maezono instead, with bases loaded.