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Victory or Defeat
Season 1, Episode 62
Air date December 28, 2014
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Victory or Defeat (Tennōzan, 天王山) is Episode 62 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from Chapters 187 to 190 of the manga.


Only one out left to Seidou's dream stage. Which team triumphed? Which team lost?


Bottom of the ninth. Inashiro's got Carlos on first base as Kawakami battles Yoshizawa for the out. Carlos steals second and Miyuki lets him, thinking of ending the game with the fifth pitch but Yoshizawa taps and fouls. Kawakami and Yoshizawa continue to battle ending with Kawakami walking Yoshizawa. Harada is next at bat and wants to end the game with his bat. He stiffens and strangles his bat but Narumiya reminds him to not hog all the glory. Harada recalls Kunitomo's instructions of focusing on getting one run. Harada loosens and hits Kawakami's pitch. Yoshizawa runs to second base as Haruichi catch and toss the ball to Kuramochi. Yoshizawa however, is safe. Kuramochi looks at an empty third base and sees Carlos sprinting to home. He throws the ball to Miyuki but Carlos managed to reach home tying the score at 4-4. The Seidou players are stunned but Kataoka shouts reminding them that the game isn't over. As Seidou regain their focus, Narumiya hits a long one to the center field. Isashiki and Shirasu try to catch the ball but fails. Inashiro scores their fifth run and they celebrate while a shocked Sawamura watches.