Todoroki Raizō
Yakushi High School
Baseball Coach
Bats: Throws:
Kanji 轟 雷蔵
Gender Male
Age unknown
Family Todoroki Raichi (son)
Education unknown
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 91
Anime Episode 31
Voice Actor Rintarou Nishi
Be sincere and strict in practice! Enjoy baseball to the fullest in games!
Raizou in Money Tree

Todoroki Raizou is the coach of the Yakushi High School Baseball Team.


Raizou is a thorough and dedicated coach, who can quickly assess a situation and make necessary adjustments. He plans to use Raichi's baseball skills to pay back his debts.


Raizou played baseball until his forties before retiring. He was unemployed for a while, eventually losing all his money then his wife. He spent his time teaching baseball to kids by the river, Raichi included. He gave Raichi the bat he had used for practice when he was an active player— a wooden bat with the words "Money Tree" engraved on it. Despite his misfortunes, he finally landed the job at Yakushi High School.

Relationships with other CharactersEdit

Todoroki RaichiEdit

Raichi is his son and also a member of Yakushi's baseball team. Raizou calls him an idiot but admits that Raichi has the skills to join the Major League. The two often make a comical duo, often fighting. Despite this, Raichi respects his father while Raizou is very proud of Raichi.

Sanada ShunpeiEdit

Sanada respects Raizou and the two seem to have an amicable coach-player relationship.


Name EtymologyEdit

  • Todoroki (轟) - Roaring
  • Raizou (雷蔵) - Thunder/Lightning Warehouse


  • "The only other pitcher who's worth your time in West Tokyo is Narumiya Mei from Inashiro."[1]
  • "Champions pride? I'll just smash that. With your bat Raichi."[2]



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