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Raichi Todoroki
Yakushi High School- No. 5
Third baseman, Pitcher
Bats: left Throws: right
Kanji 轟 雷市
Romanji Todoroki Raichi
Nickname Monster Slugger [1]
Black Marlin (クロカジキ Kuro Kajiki) (by Sawamura)
White Marlin (白カジキ Shiro Kajiki) (by Furuya)
Gender Male
Age 15 (debut)

16 (Chapter 412)

Date of birth 26 February
Place of birth Tokyo
Bloodtype O
Height 172 cm (5' 7.5")
Weight 62 kg (136 lbs)
Family Unnamed mother

Todoroki Raizou (father)

Education 1st Year High School (debut)

2nd Year High School (current)

Style Powerful batting
Skills powerful batting, wild and unpredictable pitching, running speed, fast reactions, can jump very high
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 89
Anime Episode 31
Voice Actor Ono Kensho
I want to hit off every pitcher in the country! I want to blow them all away!
Raichi in Summers

Todoroki Raichi is a second year student at Yakushi High School. He is the third baseman of the Yakushi High School baseball team, and the team's unparalleled fourth batter. He also takes up an alternate position as a pitcher later.


Raichi has dark, spiky hair, sharp canine teeth, and a メ-shaped scar on his left cheek. He usually has very small irises, and when he is particularly impassioned he is drawn without them. Despite his somewhat smaller stature, Raichi is a very well-built player. His hands are said to be very rough from constant swinging practice.


Raichi's intimidating presence when batting.

Todoroki Raichi behaves much like an exaggerated version of Sawamura, who is often compared to him. He acts wildly during games, always confronting any pitcher he faces with an extremely passionate mood and often loudly declares that he will send his opponent's pitches flying. During matches he constantly lets out his signature "KAHAHAHAHA!!" laugh and seems to use this laugh indiscriminately, as he is shown laughing after both successes and failures, and even when nervous. Whenever he performs a successful play - be it catching a ball to get an out, throwing the ball to someone at a base, or sending an opponent's pitches flying - Raichi is shown to have a massive grin with an often somewhat frightening look on his face. Despite his loudness and wild expressions, Raichi has respect for all of his teammates. He is also not quite as confident as he seems as he gets flustered in certain situations such as when he makes a mistake during a game. He can come across as scatterbrained since he forgets to bring his hat or glove with him on the field a few times. When Raichi is not standing in the batter's box or playing third base, he is always either seen eating a banana, practicing his swings, or calling out words of encouragement to his teammates who are curently playing.

A notable trait that Raichi shares with fellow first year Sawamura Eijun is the annoying habit to give advice to his senpai despite being known for making mistakes. Ironically, Sawamura even points out that Raichi is disrespectful.

Raichi is shown to be incredibly hardworking, constantly training with a heavy wooden bat since he was little to the point that his hand is, as described by Sawamura, as hard as a rock. Because his father often uses food as a reward for performing well, Raichi has a "hungry" personality, may it be when batting against pitchers or when it comes to eating in general. He isn't the best when it comes to explaining things to others as it's his good instincts that allow him to see specific things when batting which can't be seen by others.

Outside of baseball, Raichi's personality is completely the opposite of how he behaves on the field. He is surprisingly quiet and shy in class, so much so that one of his classmates disregards him as a bench-warmer. Raichi dedicates his whole life around baseball due to his upbringing, causing him to lack social skills outside of things related to baseball, and he doesn't even have a cell phone nor knows what a groupchat is. Though Raichi says there is no one in particular he 'respects,' he has been shown to admire Yūki Tetsuya from Seidou, who is on-par with him when it comes to batting.[2] Raichi also often compliments pitchers from other teams whom he considers amazing, such as Furuya Satoru and Sawamura Eijun from Seidou, Narumiya Mei from Inashiro, Amahisa Kousei from Ichidaisan, and You Shunshin from Akikawa.


In his mind, he created a monstrous pitcher. And against him, he swung his bat day in, day out, without rest. His hunger for baseball is different from all these sandlot playing kids... He'll make a fortune. Unlike me, he'll become a man who makes tons of money with just a single bat.
Kid Raichi watching a bullet train.

When Raichi was little, his father gave him a huge and heavy wooden bat with the words "Money Tree" engraved on it for Raichi to use when he practices his swings. Raichi swung his bat over 1000 times every day without rest. Raizou tells him of a 160km/h pitch speed and compares it with a bullet train.

Raichi's Imagine Training.

Raichi eventually develops "image training" and with the wooden bat, imagines to duel against monster pitchers having a 160km/h fastball and various breaking balls. Because of his poor family background, Raichi had never played baseball in a team before high school. His father admitted to Ōwada Akiko that he didn't get a job just so that he could raise Raichi's hunger for baseball.

It was later revealed that his mother abandoned him due to divorcing with his father, saying how she has no intention to sacrifice herself for the way Raizou and his son choose to live.

Raichi meets Mishima and Akiba.

Raichi eventually meets his best friends Mishima Yūta and Akiba Kazuma, Members of the Baseball Team Lions, due to his father offering baseball classes for 100 yen per class and they, alongside Raichi, were taught baseball by Raizou besides a river. Raizou casually told Mishima to swing his bat 1000 times every day and Akiba to swing his bat 1500 times every day, implying that even that would bring them only a little closer to Raichi's level.

Raichi hits Sanada's pitch.

Raichi later on meets Sanada Shunpei, who was already a Member of Yakushi, and hits his pitch hard far away, shocking Sanada while Raichi excitedly laughs due to having hit a real pitch for the first time. Raizou tells Sanada that Raichi will be joining the team in spring and how he has a few other players with his seal of approval, having the intention to motivate Sanada to take baseball more seriously and go to Nationals with the team.


Act I: West Tokyo Tournament[]


Eager to face his opponent.

In the Yakushi - Ichidaisan match-up at the West Tokyo Tournament[3], Raichi is first seen practicing his swings with a wooden bat that has "Money Tree" engraved on it, in a room. When two teammates entered the room and told him how long he is gonna swing his bat and how the game against Ichidaisan already started, he increased the speed of his swings and gets fired up to face Manaka Kaname who pitched at Nationals, while laughing maniacally.

Raichi hits a homerun and shocks the audience.

During the match, he caughts a batted ball, but totally misses his throw to his teammate, making the audience upset, as well as his teammates, Raichi however, can only laugh. Later, he hits a homerun off Manaka, surprising Ichidaisan and Seidou. Manaka is sent to the outfield after the homerun affected his rhythm. The pitcher later recovers his form and Raichi faces him off against him for the second time. He hits Manaka's breaking ball, but the hit goes straight back to Manaka, who falls to the ground. Despite this, Manaka picks up the ball and outs Raichi. Manaka is pulled out due to injury and despite Ichidaisan's efforts, Yakushi wins after a fierce batting game.

After the match, he practices his swings outside the stadium with his father and coach, Todoroki Raizou. Raizou tells Raichi that the only pitcher left in West Tokyo that's worth Raichi's time is Inashiro's Narumiya Mei. Raichi gets fired up and declares that he will blow Narumiya away, however, unbeknownst to both of them, Seidou's freshmen trio hears the remark, infuriating Sawamura and Furuya.[4]


Raichi is excited about Seidou.

Before Yakushi's match against Seidou at the quarterfinals, Raichi, Mishima, and Akki watch the telecast of Seidou's match against Akikawa Academy. Sanada then enters the room and is surprised that they're still watching it. Mishima tells Sanada that Raichi's dad told them to study it. Sanada points out that they were also watching Manaka's video to hell too before their match against Ichidaisan High while Raichi says that his pitching was amazing and just as he imagined. When Sanada asks Raichi about Seidou and if he got them in his head yet, Raichi laughs, saying that "these two" (meaning Sawamura and Furuya) are interesting. Sanada is confused, understanding why Furuya is interesting, but wonders what Raichi sees in the southpaw. Raichi smiles, saying that he can't quite put a finger on it based from the video, but that there's something the video can't capture, and excitedly laughs, wanting to play against Seidou now. Sanada wonders if there's anyone who's more hungry for baseball than Raichi.


Raichi is glared at by Seidou's Masuko, Isashiki and Tanba.

At the quarterfinal, Raichi is moved from the 4th batter to the lead-off batter. At the line-up, the Seidou players all glare at Raichi. Sanada Shunpei points this out and Mishima asks Raichi what he did. Raichi, however, can only nervously laugh. At match time, he duels Furuya first and becomes excited after the first and second pitches. He hits the third pitch hard to the fence and gets onto second base. The next batter hits a single, allowing Raichi to score and give Yakushi a 1-0 lead.

Raichi versus Sawamura.

At Yakushi's second batting cycle, Sawamura replaces Furuya. After a couple of pitches, Raichi thinks Sawamura's got potential and has a great weapon. Sawamura eventually unleashes his 4-seam fastball to the inside and gets Raichi to pop out. Raichi faces Sawamura again at Yakushi's third cycle and this time, hits a homerun, bringing in two runs. This affects Sawamura's rhythm and he is eventually switched out with Kawakami. Kawakami too however, is affected by the homerun and Miyuki decides to walk Raichi.

Raichi under pressure.

Tanba later replaces Kawakami and in a mend-or-break situation, Raichi succumbs down to the pressure of scoring for his team. He gets struck out and Yakushi loses the match.

"He tried to swing the bat for the sake of the team, not for himself, but for the team."

Raichi breaks down in tears due to being unable to meet his team's expectations, but is comforted by his teammates. Ōwada Akiko noticed that Raichi's swing looked sluggish when he got struck out while Mine Fujio explains it by saying how Raichi couldn't take the pressure, how he always looks like he's enjoying the battle against any pitcher, but how in the last inning, Raichi tried to swing his bat not for himself, but for the team.

Sawamura shortly after came to Raichi, wanting to shake hands and says how he won't lose next time. Mishima takes this as an insult since Seidou won the game after all. When Sawamura took Raichi's hand to shake hands, he was in utter shock due to how rough it is, saying afterwards how it felt as hard as a rock, wondering how much Raichi had to train for his hand to end up like this.

Back to square one.

Outside the stadium, Raichi is still sobbing, but his senpai told him that they don't blame him and that they'll be waiting for the day everyone knows his name. Raizou, also in tears, thinks how they're back to square one and how he and his son are still learning so much from these guys, wanting to get stronger with his son, along with everyone on the team.


He is later seen with father watching the Koshien final matchup of Inashiro and Komadai Fujimaki on TV.

Raichi jumps over Seidou's fence.

During their off season, Yakushi have a scrimmage against Seidou High.[5] When the Yakushi players arrive at Seidou, they see Furuya and Sawamura stretching on the field. Raichi jumps over the fence and declares that he'll smash both pitchers away.

At game time during his first at-bat, he fights Furuya with fouls before popping a flier to center field. The crowd cheers for Furuya while Raichi feels frustrated being overpowered by Furuya's fastball. He later on hits a clean homerun off Sawamura, noting that he thought Sawamura would be attacking the inside more but the pitcher didn't. With Kawakami unable to hold Yakushi's batters down, Yakushi wins the scrimmage.

Fall Tournament[]

Third Round[]

Raichi hits a homerun off Shunshin.

Yakushi High face off against Akikawa Academy. Shunshin had kept Yakushi scoreless and Raichi down to a walk and a single. In the eighth inning, Shunshin faces Raichi head on and despite being cornered, the first year hits a solo home run, cementing Yakushi's victory.[6]


Raichi versus Amahisa.

At the semis, Yakushi plays against Ichidaisan High. Amahisa has his eyes on Raichi. At the top of the second, Raichi hits a solo-homer off Amahisa, but instead of crushing the pitcher's spirit, it ignites a fire in him. At Raichi's second at-bat, he hits one off Amahisa once more, but Yakushi fails to score. On top of the sixth, Raichi's third at-bat, he hit Amahisa's low slider weakly, but enough to get to first base. At Sanada's at-bat, Raichi attempts to run all the way to the plate but doesn't make it. At the top of the eighth, Raichi faces off against Amahisa for the fourth time and gets struck out swinging, causing him to feel frustated. With Sanada's at-bat however, Yakushi turns the game around and wins the game.[7]


Raichi and Yakushi.

Before Yakushi's match against Seidou in the finals, the Players share their goals to the third years. When everyone except Raichi who was eating a banana, shared their goals, Raizou told Raichi to say something as well. Raichi however at first couldn't say a thing due to being shy, with the Players remarking how much of a different person he is on the field. Raichi says that he wants to play against many different pitchers and how he wants to go to Nationals with all of his teammates. His senpai then applauded and told Raichi to hit in the match tomorrow. Sanada thinks that at this point, it's basically his duty as his upperclassman, to bring that goal to reality and how he can't let an amazing batter like Raichi disappear. Raizou then says a motivating speech while Raichi thinks how he doesn't want to let the team down and how he wants to meet his own expectations.


The unparalleled fourth batter is at-bat.

At the bottom of the first inning in the final match against Seidou in the Fall Tokyo Metropolitan Tournament, Raichi is at-bat against Kawakami. His classmates who only know Raichi as the quiet one in class, came to watch the team play. The first pitch is a Sinker-- a ball, following it up with an outside pitch. The third is a pitch to the inside that Raichi fouls to first. The fourth is a slider which Raichi hits strongly to right field. Batting fifth is Sanada who executes Raizou's plan of swinging at breaking balls. He hits the slider to right field but Shirasu catches the ball, preventing Yakushi from scoring.

Raichi pitches.

In the second inning, Raichi's classmates finally realized that the Raichi who's playing is the one from their class, being surprised by how different he is on the field and the fact that he's not a bench warmer. During the inning, Raichi caughts a batted ball of Asou in the air, preventing Seidou from scoring. In the third inning, Raizou calls for a pitcher change, sending Raichi to the mound. When the first pitch goes astray and almost hits Miyuki, Raichi apologized to him. The unpredictable course of Raichi's pitches makes it difficult for Miyuki to hit and he is eventually jammed. Like Miyuki, Maezono also got struck out, surprised with the power of Raichi's pitches and that the speed of Raichi's pitches increase with each throw.

Raichi hits a homerun off Kawakami.

In the fourth inning, Raichi is still pitching with Kawakami up to bat, the latter putting up a fight and managing to keep up with the pitches, but one pitch goes astray and almost hits Nori's head, with Raichi apologizing again. The next pitch is straight down the middle and Nori hits it, but it's a grounder. Raichi strikes out the batters and Kawakami goes up to pitch against Raichi. Miyuki calls for an inside pitch, then a slider to the inside, but both of them end up as balls, but the third pitch is a strike. Miyuki decides the next pitch should be a sinker and Nori pitches, but Raichi hits it to the stands and it's a home run.

After Sawamura was sent to the mound, Raichi became too excited with wanting to bat Sawamura's pitches and loses his previous pitch control and walks Haruichi. But when Miyuki walks up to bat, Raichi suddenly fixes his control and strikes Miyuki out with the latter unable to make any contact with the ball.

Raichi is pressured.

In the fifth inning, when Raichi was facing Maezono, he realizes what kind of place the mound is, resulting in his pitching failing to advance the game. Having no other choice, Raizou swaps the players around. Raichi covers third, and in turn the third baseman, Mishima covers first and the first baseman, Sanada, is the new pitcher. Sanada pitches and Higasa hits it to third base where Raichi is. He catches the ball and throws it to Mishima at first, who barely catches the throw, but nevertheless gets the out.

Yakushi is back into lead.

When Yakushi is up to bat with the next batters and Raichi is next up to bat, Sawamura greets him with a fastball to the inside which Raichi hits a single into left field, but is suprised that he was overpowered as he was jammed by it. Up next to bat is Sanada, to whom Miyuki calls for a moving fastball to the outside. Raichi goes for the steal and manages to get it. Miyuki calls for Sawamura to pitch a cutter to the batter's chest, but Sanada hits the cutter and it goes into center field. Now there's one out with runners on first and third. Seido brings in their infielders a bit and Raizou tells Hirahata to believe in his swing. Miyuki wants to make Hirahata hit a grounder, but instead, the latter decides to bunt. The second pitch is a ball but on the third one Hirahata bunts again, this time it succeeds and Raichi runs home, putting Yakushi back into lead.

In the seventh inning, when Raichi is next at-bat, Seidou's battery decides to face him head-on. The first pitch is the change-up and Raichi went for it, but it's a foul. The second pitch is another change-up and another foul. The third pitch is a pitch Raichi's been waiting for but it's a swing and miss.

"Yeah. I wanted to face him. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to play more."

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Furuya closes out the match before Raichi gets to bat, ending the match with Seidou's win. After the match, Mishima apologized to Raichi in tears for not being able to put him in the box. Raichi smiles and says how he wanted to face Furuya, how he didn't want the match to end, and how he wanted to play more, causing Mishima to cry more.

Act II[]

Raichi and Mishima watch Seidou's match against Komadai.

Yakushi participates in the 84th Spring Koshien. Raichi is shown to have hit a homerun during Yakushi's match against Ikuei High. He then watches Seidou High's match against Komadai Fujimaki together with his teammates.

In the semi-finals, Seiseisha defeats Yakushi before Raichi's at-bat.[8]

Spring Tournament[]

Third Round[]

Raichi after the loss against Inashiro.

In the third round of the Spring Tournament, Yakushi High faces off against Inashiro Industrial. At his first at-bat, Narumiya corners him. Raichi is really impressed with Narumiya's pitching, but is jammed with a fastball. At his second and third at-bats, Narumiya struck him out on three pitches.[9] In the ninth inning, Inashiro in the lead with four runs, Narumiya closes out the game without giving Yakushi's clean-up crew the chance to turn the game around. The loss however, didn't keep Raichi down for long, as he loudly shouted behind the dugout that next time, he'll blow Inashiro out of the park.[10]

Kantou Tournament[]

Hitting a homerun directed towards Mt. Fuji.

In the second round of the Spring Kanto Regional High School Baseball Tournament, Yakushi is having a match against Urashima Academy in the Fuji Hokuroku Stadium which is near the Mountain Mt. Fuji. At arrival, Raichi was greatly amazed by the sight of the mountain. In the first inning of the match, he hits a extra large solo homerun. Raizou becomes optimistic again, saying how Raichi is finally back to swinging the way he did last year. Following his homerun, the Yakushi lineup exploded and on the mound, Sanada made his presence felt by not giving any ground to the enemy batters. Yakushi led by nine runs in the fourth and the game looked like it would be called. Because it was a five-day tournament and the team had experienced several injuries, they decided to play all of their first-years for the second half. However, it was a grave error which caused a chain reaction and in the later innings, Urashima tied the game. After a Yakushi rally, Urashima again caught up and the game entered the ninth inning tied at eleven. Ultimately, it ended in a walk-off loss.


Pointing at Sawamura's new number.

Raichi and his teammates meet Sawamura, Furuya and Haruichi in front of the Meiji Jingu Stadium. Raichi is greatly excited by the fact that Sawamura is wearing number 1 on his jersey and asked him if he got even better then and how he can't wait to face him. Amahisa then greets Sawamura and is also excited about that fact, but then asked him why he didn't tell him so since they're friends on LINE. Amahisa asks Raichi if he wants to join their LINE group, however, Raichi has no idea what he's talking about, while Mishima tells Amahisa that Raichi doesn't have a cell phone. Raichi then points at Amahisa for the fifth round, and then points at Sawamura for the Semifinals before saying that Inashiro is for the finals, wanting to send all these teams flying. Amahisa says that Raichi has to beat them first and Sawamura agrees, saying that Raichi shouldn't talk like he's already in the finals, while Sanada is telling them that they're too loud.

National High School Baseball Tournament Qualifiers[]

In the National High School Baseball Tournament Qualifiers, Yakushi faces Itsumi UHS. In the second inning, Mishima gets a hit. Next at-bat is Raichi and the batter facing Raichi decides to walk Raichi, allowing Raichi to get on first base. Tomobe is next at-bat and managed to hit a pitch, allowing Mishima to get to the home plate. Sixth batter Kuroki's sacrifice fly gives Yakushi their seventh run. Hayakawa gets another run, causing runners to be on first and third. Starting Pitcher Tomobe pitched five innings while only giving up one run. The game is called in the fifth inning and Yakushi wins the match with the score 13-1. Yakushi will advance to the fifth round, facing Ichidaisan High.


Raichi practices.

Before Yakushi's match against Ichidaisan High in the fifth round, Yakushi is seen practicing in Suginami Ward and the Reporters Mine Fujio and Ōwada Akiko came to check on them. Ōwada notices that their equipment improved quite a bit since the last time they visited them. Raizou explained that they keep getting supplied with refreshments and such every single day and how they even got their hands on three crazy expensive pitching machines, explaining each of them as well. The three wheeled device, Mark III, is equipped with all the newest features and is able to recreate any pitch, may it be Narumiya's Slider, Furuya's Fastball or Hongou's Splitter. While the Players are seen practicing batting with the pitching machines, Raichi is seen using his Imagine-Training to practice, imagining to bat against Amahisa. Raizou said how Raichi refuses to hit balls from the pitching machines, how he got all the pitches of the Pitchers he considers awesome memorized, and how according to Raichi, pitches from the machines lack the breath of life. Furuya, Sawamura, the Pitchers from all over the country he faced at Senbatsu, Narumiya, and Amahisa who they'll face tomorrow. He's been facing those Pitchers countless times and experiences all of that over and over in his mind. Raizou thought at first that Raichi was getting carried away, but realizes that Raichi never got soft in the head about the training. He then remembers how his wife divorced him and left him and Raichi because of how much time they spent on baseball. Raizou thinks that there's no more self-centered way to live than living to do only what you love. He then gets fired up and asks Raichi in his head if he is satisfied with what he's already achieved, because he himself is not. Raichi laughs, wanting to smack all of the opponent's pitches soon.

West Tokyo Tournament[]

Fifth Round[]



After Yakushi's Loss against Ichidaisan in the fifth round, the third years came to visit Raizou who decided that Akiba is going to be the next captain, while lifting up Mishima with whatever came to his mind so that he accepts his choice. When they asked where Raichi is, Raizou tells them that he's having a certain aquaintance of his take care of Raichi for the moment and how their defeat the other day affected Raichi pretty bad, saying that Raichi blames himself for ending the third years' summer for good. Raizou then asks them how Sanada is doing and how he told him that there's colleges and a shitton of teams he wants to introduce him to. They however, have also no clue where Sanada is and how they haven't seen him since that game. Raizou wonders if Sanada is thinking about quitting baseball for good before telling the third years to tell Sanada the next time they see him, to drop by the baseball field some time.

After Seidou High defeated Inashiro Industrial 2-1 and won the West Tokyo Tournament finals, Sanada paid Raizou a visit, telling him that now that Seidou got their perfect pitching squad assembled, they got a real shot at National Championship, and that not just Furuya, but also Sawamura and Kawakami are all-japan level, too. Sanada says that he wanted to have another opportunity to stand on the Koshien Mound once after all, to which Raizou asks him what he's talking about, and that as long as Sanada doesn't quit baseball, the possibility isn't zero. Sanada then asks him where Raichi is and Raizou tells him that he's in the Kochi Prefecture for now, at the house of Raizou's ex-wife's parents, and how Raichi is probably fishing or something. Over in the Kochi Prefecture, Raichi is standing in front of the beach and watches the waves, shouting out loud that he wants to slam earth with a excited and happy look on his face.

Relationships with other characters[]

Todoroki Raizou[]


Raichi is the son of Todoroki Raizou, the coach of Yakushi's baseball team. They both often get into comedic "fights" whenever Raizou uses food as reward for performing well and the aftermath if he doesn't perform well, while Raichi demands food. Raizou makes fun of his son during games, but is also very proud of him. He does his best to love and care for Raichi after his wife left them.

Sanada Shunpei[]


Raichi admires the pitcher greatly and frequently calls him "Sanada-senpai," "Nada-senpai," or "Super Nada" and often calls out (unnecessary) words of encouragement during games. Sanada respects Raichi as well as admires his ridiculous batting skills and supports him as his upperclassman. Raichi's hardworking personality helped Sanada to take baseball more seriously while Sanada is trying his best to help Raichi achieve his dreams. Sanada also seems to be the only character that Raichi shares his food with, as seen when he offers him a banana sometimes whenever the Pitcher returns to the dugout.

Mishima & Akiba[]


Raichi's best friends are Akiba and Mishima. Mishima was Raichi's first friend. When they were young, Raichi's father taught the three of them baseball besides a river. Raichi has a habit of saying Mishima's name incorrectly as "Miss-hima," much to his annoyance, and calls Akiba, "Akki."



This boy creates a storm with his bat!
Narrator [11]

Batting: Raichi is a player with exceptional athleticism who is destined to be the best slugger of his generation. His greatest strength is his batting prowess and his home run output is undoubtedly among the best within the series. He's always practicing his swing with his extra-heavy wooden bat (given name "Money Tree"), so when he switches to a metallic bat during games, his swing speed is frighteningly fast. He has amazing bat control and his scary sharp swings are very intimidating to pitchers as they become conscious of the fact that any slip up may potentially cost them a home run while Raichi has the batting eye to take many balls, waiting for a pitch near to the strikezone and then hit it hard, very often resulting in a homerun. Raichi doesn't overthink when batting and uses not just his eye, but also his senses, feeling the pressure in the air and the breath of the ball. He is also very quick on his feet as demonstrated when he steals a base, adding pressure to the pitcher on the mound. When training, Raichi refuses to hit balls from pitching machines, as according to him, the pitches from the machines lack the breath of life. Instead, Raichi has all the pitches of the Pitchers he considers awesome memorized and uses Imagine-Training to practice.

The strength of his lower body that hardly decreases even with a forward lunge that low...And what's worse...It's impossible to read his pitch sequence...He's the exact type of pitcher I suck at dealing with...
Miyuki Kazuya about Raichi's pitching [12]

Pitching: Raichi can play as a makeshift pitcher. He makes a large stride with a low center of gravity when he pitches and his lower body is strong enough to support him allowing him to throw surprisingly fast pitches (140km/h+). His pitch velocity would even get faster throughout the game as he gets into a groove. However, he has erratic control since he never checks his grip before pitching and would often achieve random breaking movements on his pitches. His pitching is said to be very wild and unpredictable as he occasionally throws balls and then suddenly lands good consecutive strikes in the pitching zone. Because of this, there are such instances where he nearly injures Miyuki and Kawakami Norifumi during the Fall Tournament finals. Regardless, Raichi is inherently not a pitcher so when he started to become aware of the pressure exerted from batters, his pitching would start to break down drastically.[13]


Fielding: He can jump very high despite his short stature and catch balls that would normally be out of his reach. He has fast reactions, allowing him often to, despite his weak defense, catch batted balls which others with a better defense wouldn't be able to.


Raichi's defense at 3rd base isn't the best because he often throws wide, this is most likely due to having never been in a baseball team before high school. In his first year, Raichi wasn't good with pressure, as seen when he got overwhelmed with how everyone relied on him in the important last inning in the first match against Seidou, wanting to swing his bat for the team caused him to fail in bringing out his true power. However, Raichi seems to have overcome it in his second year, as shown in the third match against Ichidaisan, having been told that it's okay to swing his bat just for himself instead of trying to meet everyone's expectations.

Player Statistics[]

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Player Statistics
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Physical Strength
Mental Strength


  • His characteristic laugh is "KAHAHAHA."
  • During the Summer tournament Raichi wore jersey No. 20.
  • Terajima Yūji published a story about Raichi back in 2003, before Diamond no Ace began. The story (or at least part of it) is titled "The Bat-man Under the Bridge" (橋の下のバットマン).
  • He's hit home-runs off every pitcher he's battled against with the exception of Tanba Koichiro, Furuya Satoru and Narumiya Mei.
  • He is most likely the only character in the series that does not have a phone of any kind.
  • Rankings from the guidebook:
    • Physical Ability: Has the third best speed in the series.
    • Batting: The longest distance homerun was hit by Raichi off You Shunshin in the Fall Tokyo tournament - the ball flew 140m, passing the fence which is 97.6m away from the batter on the way.
      • He ranks second in having the best batting power (behind Seiko's Nagata).
  • Favorite Food : Banana, Tonkatsu (pork cutlet)
  • Best Subjects : Health and Physical Education
  • His hobbies include practicing his swing and eating bananas.
  • Has the ability to differentiate banana's origin country. [14]
  • Raichi has had great success as a pitcher against Miyuki due to the fact that he is so wild and random with his pitches that Miyuki cannot get a read on him.
  • His walk up song is the theme song from Ultra Seven.
  • Professional NPB player Yuki Yanagita , Pacific League MVP in 2015, was asked in an interview how could he generate so much power with his swing and he responded that he models his swing after Todoroki Raichi from Diamond no Ace, which he coined a V-shape swing. However, Yanagita utlizes a low leg kick, while Raichi does not perform any leg kicks.
  • He cant spell

Name Etymology[]

  • Todoroki (轟) - Roaring
  • Raichi (雷市) - City of Thunder/Lightning


  • Today's opponent... He threw at the Koushien, right? I bet he's amazing... an amazing pitcher... Kaha... KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! - about Manaka Kaname [15]
  • KAHA... KAHAHAHA... W-Wow... the ball exploded at my hands and turned around... Baseball is amazing! - Raichi after hitting a home run of Manaka's pitch [16]
  • Today's pitcher was really spirited... There are a lot of pitchers in this country as spirited as him... More... I want to hit more... and more... I want to hit off every pitcher in the country! Blow them all away![17]
  • I had no money to sign him up in any teams. His middle school didn't have a baseball team, either. But he still kept on swinging that bat. Creativity knows no bounds, so he gained some incredible image training. A 160kmh straight. A slider or cutter ball that suddenly breaks in front of the batter. And a swinging and dropping pitch, the knuckler. In his mind, he created a monstrous pitcher. And against him, he swung his bat day in, day out, without rest. His hunger for baseball is different from all these sandlot playing kids... He'll make a fortune. Unlike me, he'll become a man who makes tons of money with just a single bat. - Todoroki Raizou about Raichi [18]
  • Honestly... could anyone even lust for baseball more than him? - Sanada Shunpei about Raichi [19]
  • He's got some great potential... it's an incredible weapon... KAHAHAHA... Away. I want to send it flying away. - Raichi about Sawamura Eijun [20]
  • Gimme that pitch. I'll smash it out of the park no matter what. - Raichi about Sawamura [21]
  • KAHAHAHA... It was a half-assed swing in the previous bat. But this time I swung through properly. This guy's pitches are hard to get the timing on, but it's not like they're really fast. That guy Furuya's pitches were far heavier. - Raichi after hitting a home run of Sawamura's pitch [22]
  • I'll hit. I'll be sure to hit. No matter how, I'll get on base... If by hitting I can meet my team's expectations, I'll hit... I'll hit... I'll be sure to rise to everyone's expectations... [23]
  • He always looked like he was having fun fighting it out against pitchers. A person like him, on his last at bat, for the first time...tried to swing the bat for the sake of the team. Not for himself but for the team... He wanted to rise to everyone's expectations... Ironically, that turned into pressure that made his bat feel heavy. - Mine Fujio about Raichi [24]
  • His hand...was as hard as a rock...What kind of bat do you have to swing to get a hand like that...? What kind... - Sawamura Eijun about Raichi [25]
  • Furuya... Sawamura... Kawakami... and also... Tanba? I will send them flying all at once! [26]
  • KAHAHAHA! No matter which one of you, I will send you flying! - Raichi to Sawamura and Furuya [27]
  • It's not enough at all... I didn't bat enough at all! I want to hit Sawamura's pitches, but I want to hit Furuya's much, much, much more badly! [28]
  • KAHAHAHA! No matter where he's standing, on the mound or in the batter's box, I get the same vibe of him. Then let's just have a clash! - Raichi about Kawakami [29]
  • Time... and time... and time again... I wanna have this clash over and over again! - Raichi when hitting a home run of Kawakami's pitch [30]
  • KAHAHAHA! Sawamura! I wanna hit his pitch hard now! - Raichi about Sawamura [31]
  • "Pitchers are awesome. Baseball is deep."[32]
  • I wanna try hitting that pitch that finished Misshima off, but... My favorite has to be... C'mom... C'mon, throw that pitch. - about Sawamura [33]
  • What a terrifying blast! What a terrifying swing! Yakushi High's second year, Todoroki Raichi! - Senbatsu commentator about Raichi [34]
  • I've seen lots of different pitchers at Koushien... But this one is just awesome. More awesome than anyone else... Awesome. Awesome. So this is Narumiya Mei. Awesome. Awesome. He's awesome! - Raichi about Narumiya Mei [35]
  • Narumiya Mei! Inajitsu! I'll blow 'em all outta the park! [36]
  • Huge! Fuji-san is huge! KAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bring it... Bring it... Bring it... Go! All the way to the peak of Fuji-san! - Raichi when seeing the mountain and hitting a home run in the stadium [37]
  • KAHAHA! It's "1"! Sawamura got the "1"! You got even awesomer then? KAHAHAHA! Can't wait! Just can't wait! - Raichi to Sawamura [38]
  • The 5th round. The semi-final... KAHAHA... And Inajitsu in the final. Uwooooooh! I can't wait to smack your pitches and kick your collective asses already! Raichi to Sawamura and Amahisa [39]
  • He declared he refuses to hit balls from the pitching machines. What can I say, that brat's sure gotten all saucy. He's got all the pitches of the pitchers he considers awesome memorized. And according to him, pitches from the pitching machines lack the breath of life, y'see. Furuya and Sawamura from Seidou. The pitchers from all over the country he faced at Senbatsu. Narumiya Mei who shut him out in the Spring Tournament. And Amahisa Kousei we'll face tomorrow. The smell of the bat and the ball...The sensation in his hand...The sound of a hit ball... He's been facing those pitchers countless times and experiencing all of that over and over in his mind. All for this day. Heh... I thought he was getting carried away once people started fussing over him after Senbatsu... But looks like he didn't get soft in the head about that training, at least... KUH KUH...This sure is getting interesting, eh...KAH KAH KAH... Living to do only what you love... There's no more self-centered way to live than that... So tell me, Raichi... I know I'm not the type of guy who'd be satisfied with what he's already achieved. What about you? - Todoroki Raizou about Raichi [40]
  • KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wanna smack all of their pitches soon! [41]
  • Hey, hey. That fired up from the get-go? Don't be so impatient, Batting Monkey. - Amahisa Kousei about Raichi [42]
  • It's coming... It's coming. It's coming. KAHAHAHAHAHA! Just like I pictured it! - Raichi before and after hitting Amahisa's slider[43]
  • KAHAHA... Fastball, curveball, slider~ I'll smack 'em all! [44]
  • You just can't help getting sucked into this guy's presence. - Amahisa Kousei about Raichi [45]
  • The kind of spin I haven't seen...And that flying path...KAK KAH...Awesome...KAHAHAHAHA! KAHAHAHA! You're awesome, Amahisa... - Raichi about Amahisa [46]
  • No way we're letting it end like this... As if our Raichi will go down without a fight. - Sanada Shunpei about Raichi [47]
  • C'mom... Bring it. That pitch. Throw that pitch to me. - Raichi about Amahisa [48]
  • Raichi! There's no way you've forgotten the bitterness and regrets you'd experienced last year... Go out there and swing your bat your own way! For the sake of your team! - Todoroki Raizou to Raichi [49]
  • Raichi! Me. And you. Let's settle this, the two of us. - Sanada Shunpei to Raichi [50]
  • Nothing he does will surprise me anymore. Not when I'm dealing with a guy who could react to a breaking ball he'd never seen before in his very next at-bat after first seeing it. Just look at that face... He's out to murder me... - Amahisa Kousei about Raichi [51]
  • Last year's summer... He tried to swing his bat for the team, but ended up failing to bring out his true power and lost... But the team we are now is different from before... Having gone through the Fall Tournament, the Off-Season Training and then Senbatsu, the team has gotten stronger... We even have some talented first years now who chose to join us. That's why it's okay for you to swing your bat just for yourself. Focus all your senses only on finishing off the pitcher in front of you... - Todoroki Raizou about Raichi [52]
  • Is this guy even for real...? He's too awe-inspiring... That's how Todoroki's supposed to be... - Amahisa Kousei about Raichi [53]
  • Don't try to follow it with your eyes... Feel it instead... Feel the pressure in the air... And the breath of the ball. - Raichi before hitting Amahisa's back-foot slider[54]
  • How do you like it, Raichi? This is what baseball is... What the world of competition is... You've seen what the national level has to offer, right? The more you win and the farther you advance, the more pitchers like that you can duel with. And the more you fight, the more you can grow, too. So let's go there, Raichi... Let's go to Koushien together with our team... - Todoroki Raizou about Raichi [55]
  • It's amazing...Yeah, summer is definitely different...It's so much fun...I wanna go stand in the batter's box as soon as possible. [56]
  • W-Wait... It's only starting for us... It's still only- [57]
  • I'm sorry. For failing to stop them... - Sanada to Raichi [58]
  • KAHAHA...it's round. Earth...round...like a baseball...I WANNA SLAM EARTH---!!! [59]



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