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To the Dream Stage
Season 1, Episode 21
Air date March 02, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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To the Dream Stage (Yume no Butai e, (夢の舞台へ) is Episode 21 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from Chapter 60 to 62 of the manga.


Seidou's line up is revealed and the team prepares for the fierce Summer Tournament.


The Seidou team members prepares for the tournament ahead. Masuko practice his batting, Miyuki and Chris teach Furuya about control and pacing while Sawamura practice pitching with the net. The results of the final exams are also out. Whilst Sawamura barely passed his subjects, Furuya will have to take the make up tests. One day before the opening ceremony of the 89th Tokyo Tournament the long awaited handing over of the Jersey numbers takes place:

No.1     Kouchirou Tanba
No.2     Miyuki Kazuya
No.3     Yuki Tetsuya
No.4     Kominato Ryousuke
No.5     Masuko Tooru
No.6     Kuramochi Youichi
No.7     Sakai Ichirou
No.8     Jun Isashiki
No.9     Shirasu Kenjirou
No.10     Kawakami Norifumi
No.11     Furuya Satoru
No.12     Miyauchi Keisuke    
No.13     Katota Masaaki
No.14     Kusaoki Fumiya
No.15     Higasa Shouji
No.16     Tanaka Shin        
No.17     Endou Naoki        
No.18     Yamazaki Kunio        
No.19     Kominato Haruichi
No. 20     Sawamura Eijun

The opening ceremony take place, and is attended by 260 schools from East and West Tokyo. Furuya barely takes the heat and Sawamura assists him to walk. Seidou encounters their rival team, Inashiro; and Harada tells Yuki that their teams will meet at the Finals, Yuki says the same. Back to Seidou, the team continue to practice. Sawamura and Furuya do well with fielding but Kawami struggles. Miyuki wonders if perhaps, not having Tanba around is putting a lot of pressure on him.

The team later on study about their first opponent, Maimon High. Furuya will be the starting pitcher for the first game, to everyone's surprise. Kawakami is told by the coach to be ready at anytime, since Kataoka wants experience to back up the inexperienced Furuya. Kawakami understands, and gladly accepts the task.