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To This Side
Season 2, Episode 43
Air date February 01, 2016
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To This Side is episode 43 of Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 378 to chapter 381 of the manga.


Kawakami continues to hold Yakushi's batters down. At the bottom, at-bat, he face off against Raichi. Kawakami hits but the strength of Raichi's pitch numbs his hand. Will this affect Kawakami's pitching?


Seto and Okumura are shown in the bathroom with the former talking about Raichi and his skills as both a batter and a pitcher. Cutting to Masashi walking down the stairs, he runs into Akamatsu and then Okumura and Seto. Akamatsu asks the three of them which high school they plan on attending.

Back to the game at hand, Akiba leads off with a double and runs to third base at the next bat. The count is two outs with the clean-up batting next. Miyuki wants to end it before Raichi comes up to bat. Mishima pops a fly and Yakushi goes down without a run. Raichi is still pitching with Kawakami up to bat, the latter putting up a fight and managing to keep up with the pitches, but one pitch goes astray and almost hits Nori's head. Getting back up, Nori thinks that because he didn't have anything special, he had to get creative. The next pitch is straight down the middle and Nori hits it, but it's a grounder. Raichi strikes out the batters and Kawakami goes up to pitch against Raichi.

Miyuki calls for an inside pitch, then a slider to the inside, but both of them end up as balls, but the third pitch is a strike. Miyuki decides the next pitch should be a sinker and Nori pitches, but Raichi hits it to the stands and it's a home run. Miyuki states that the pitch was nowhere near what he asked for, but nevertheless, Nori continues pitching. Next up is Sanada who hits the first pitch and gets on first, but the ball is caught before it becomes a double. The next three pitches to Hirahata are all balls, but the 4th pitch is a strike.