• I honestly would suggest you stop using (current) in regards to age and education status. It's redundant and it means more work during edits. We don't know when the series is going to end so using (currrent) is pretty useless as everything is going to keep changing as the story progresses. Plus, it is very obvious that the last listing under each category is the most recent age/grade.

    It'd also be nice if we can change the references so that a popup feature is included. Like how it is on the Free anime wiki and the Yu-Gi-Oh wiki where we can just hover over the reference number and it'll show the chapter/book/episode referenced. It's a little annnoying to have to continuously go to the bottom of the page to find the references.

    And you may want to fix the characters tab for the navigation menu. It's inconsistent with the Category:Male Characters not being linked to the header while the Category:Female Characters is linked to the header.

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    • Hello!!!! :) hmm... I don't see any major problem with the use of the current mark. It's more clear that way. But I'll think about your suggestion. :)

      I feel you with the pop up feature. I'd also prefer that one (I think it's really nice and convinient) but it's only possible using CSS... err..I left that one to boss since I honestly don't know how to use CSS.-_-' (or you know how to use CSS? if so please let me know. I can ask boss to have you aid us with that one. :) )

      For the chracters tab...yep...will work on it... :)

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    • For the popup references, you can just go to one of either wikis and asked one of their admins for help on it. The admins on those wikis are generally willing to help with stuff like this.

      With the current thing, it's still more work than neccessarily needed and unless the person reading doesn't have common sense, it's extremely obvious what is current and what is not as the inforrmation is listed in chronological order. If something has to be added on, it should really only be the chapter they turned that age or entered that grade.

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    • Forgot to mention, but you might also want to link the Characters tab header to the Category:Characters rather than the non-existent Characters page.

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    • hmm? sorry err...late rep. I'm not sure what you're refering to when you say non-existent Characters page. Could you be referring to this one?

      We only reference on chapters if the actual info is on the page an example is like for Masamune (in that chapter his age is stated) otheriwse we'll use (Act I) and (Act II) or separate using commas? If the "current tags" is a big problem I will just remove it (^u^)  (err... later though... -_-')

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    • Strange. Everytime I've clicked that link I get sent to a page asking if I want to create it or something.

      You do realize a good deal of the chapters do state the dates, right? All you need to know to figure out the characters' ages are their birthday and grade level. Aside from those two points, the profiles aren't needed. And if you take note of the listed dates (shown on panels, the tournament charts, and calendars throughout the manga), it's easy to tell when tournaments are and when characters' birthdays have passed.

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    • (^u^) Ola! Yes you are right. But would it not be a bummer if a chapter is put as source but when a reader checks, the info is not there? I mean, not all users/ readers will understand that the chapter is put there as ref because of the calendar. There are those who look for that particular info in a chapter. Hence, debut and current imo is more user friendly. (^u^)

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    • I wouldn't think it'd be a bummer. I'd consider it as people not using common sense or their brain to actually think things through especially when the date or week of the month are stated in the episodes and chapters. Of the two, debut is the only necessary note for grades and ages because a lot of people forget what grade/age characters are at debut. Current still means more work, and it isn't user friendly to the editors. If a reader can't figure something so simple as chronological order, it's their own fault for not using their brain to think. (We don't need more people like that in this world.)

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    • LOL! You're pretty harsh, v(^u^)v then I suppose I'm one of those without common sense (-_-'). imo a wiki should be an easy browse (thus the references of chapters where users should easily find the information we put) there's still a lot of work but we do out best to make it user friendly. We should be considerate to all. We'll do the thinking, the math whatever, and the reader will just read. hmm... for the current mark, okay I'll just remove it. Seriously it's not like it's a big problem, I just don't approve of the chapters as references for the ages without it being in that actual chapter. v(^u^)v

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    • A person has to be harsh when they're surrounded by people who are idiots or supports Donald Trump.

      Every chapter that I've listed as a reference has a or multiple specific dates listed in the chapter. If they actually look at the character's birthday/grade and the given date, it's extremely obvious. Plus, most sports manga don't celebrate birthdays so it's pointless to look for a stated age/grade outside of character profiles at the end of some chapters and the guidebooks. Don't go looking for something that doesn't exist.

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    • err... I don't support Donald Trump though. LOL! Yes, the dates are there but please....

      sigh... if you insist I'll just leave the decision to Linzer. (-_-')

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    • You might want to check what's wrong with the characters page. When I'm looking at it, the layout is all over the place with the boxes being out of line with the other rows. From Second Years and down, the boxes aren't clustered together as they should be. But when I try to go edit it, the preview shows the layout is fine.

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    • oh? a moment please... I'll check on it. :)

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    • hmm? I don't seem to encounter that problem you're having. It looks fine on my end...

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    • Could you revert Kuroki Daigo name change? Accidentally changed the o at the end to the elongated one.

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    • Hello! Due to Diamondine's request I'm joining this discussion :)

      First of all @ ShikiKira thanks for all those suggestions and the work you’ve already put into this wikia during the last couple of days. I’m happy that there are still people who are willing to contribute frequently.

      I agree that it should be obvious that the last listing under each category is the most recent age or grade. I don’t see a major problem with current tags per se but I too noticed that they got out of hand – some contributors seem to like them. So I would agree with banishing them from the infoboxes. And of course you can add references if they are useful to figure out the age!

      Is that okay for the both of you? We should (again) agree on one version and stick with it throughout the whole wiki.

      Concerning the references: I don’t understand why you two think it’s so annoying that you go to the bottom of the page when you click on the references. I think it’s pretty common and I’m neither irritated nor annoyed. And as long as there isn’t a bunch of complains about it I don’t see the need to change it.

      And because I saw your [ShikiKira] comment referring to the referencing system (it was: “Why is the referencing system on this wiki so obselete in comparison to other wikis? The inability to <ref name=> is possibly one of the worst things you can do to references”): I’m just happy that there are people who want to help and provide information and as such references. As long as the references are correct and the tags work I don’t see why it should be that big of a problem. And because it’s obsolete it isn’t wrong. And just because it’s different of how you do it, it isn’t wrong either. And as long as it isn't wrong, it's not a problem for me. But if you think it's something we absolutely have to change and tell me why, we can still think about it.

      The Category:Male Characters got already linked to the header – thanks for pointing that one out!

      I can assure you that the „non-existent Characters page” exists and the navigation link works just fine. Like Diamondine I too have no problems, neither with the link nor the layout of the page. I tested it quite some time now and the layout was always fine and I never got sent to a page asking if I want to create it. So beats me, I have no idea where the problem lies. Does it still not work properly on your end?

      I’ve reverted Kuroki Daigo’s name change. I hope it’s fine as it is now?

      And last but not least: It’s not that you [ShikiKira] were out of bounds (so no offence), but because it was mentioned - let me tell you that there is no need to be harsh to other contributors if they aren’t as intelligent as you. “A person has to be harsh when they're surrounded by people who are idiots or supports Donald Trump.” The latter - on the other hand - I can fully understand ^^ Still, on this wiki we are all just Diamond no Ace - Fans and nothing more.

      Is there anything else you two want to change or suggest?

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    • The problem with the not having the ref name= coding being available is that the reference table gets unnecessarily longer. The ref name= code allows references to be done more efficiently and without clutter. At the moment, the current referencing system requires that we write the same reference again and again and the reference number would be different each time. The ref name= code allows it so that the reference and reference number is always the same whenever it's used on the page.

      The coding for ref name is normally written as <ref name="Name of reference"> Actual reference (Chapter XXX/Guidebook/Episode) </ref>. No idea why, but I've attempted using it several times, but this wiki can't use it.

      No offense taken, but people who can't use their brains to think for themselves are generally people without any common sense. And common sense is becoming less and less common.

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    • A FANDOM user
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