• Do you think we should change the main characters template? The former third years are imo more side characters now ... although it pains me - I really miss those awesome guys (╥_╥)

    Maybe we should exchange them with some of the new first years? Like Asada, Okumura, Seto, Yui and Masashi? If you agree I'll get down to work :)

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    • Up to you boss. :) XD I agree, *sniff* the senpai's are now more like side characters.

      And I have a question about the character ages boss... Well, clearly I was thinking about the Western counting of ages -_-' (when I saw the some of the chracters ages from the guidebook I started from there). But some contributors pointed out the Japanese traditional way of counting ages. What do you think should we do with the characters ages (particularly with those from Jan-Mar bdyas?)

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    • Then I'll get down to work :D

      Regarding the character ages: Well, it's the first time someone pointed that out (did nobody know until now?) but if ShikiKira is right (and her arguments sound pretty convincing tbh), then we'll count it that way and change it.
      I've to admit that I never thought about the difference of age-listing ... Ignorance is bliss ( ̄ー ̄;
      But that's what the wiki is for - those who are better informed can point out mistakes or misinformation.  By fans, for fans ( *• ̀ω•́ )b

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    • LOL! True. XD okay, thanks Boss. I'll work on some stuff if I have more time soon. :)

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