• What to do ... what to do -.-'
    I do not want to protect all pages, which have player statistics and unfortunately we can't protect just one part of a page.
    Do you think it will help if we put a "Note: this data is based on the official guidebook, it will only be changed if there is an official update! Notice that just because a character said something about another characters improvements is NOT AN OFFICIAL UPDATE!" above every statistic? I'm not sure if it will help, but we can at least try?!

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    • hehehe I was about to ask you the same thing Boss about what we should do XD. Yeah, I'd feel bad blocking the pages too because there are still those wonderful anon contributors. :)

      I think the Notice is a great a nice idea to try! But maybe we can just put it to the pages thats been continously edited/changed (likeSawamura Eijuns's -_-) What do you think? And hopefully crossfingers they'll leave the stats alone. -_-'

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    • It took me some time, but now I've put the note on Eijun's page - may you take a look? I think we could go with that :) Which characters data has been continuously edited or changed as well?

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    • Hi Boss, I was sick for a while sorry for the late reply.

      I saw it! Ohhh... it looks great and neat boss. I like it. :) err.. Sawamura's stats is the only stats I know of that has been continously edited. Other stats were also edited before like Umemiya, Furuya Haruichi and Chris. Do you think we should put the notice on their pages as well? Whatever you decide boss I'm wth you. :) XD

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    • Boss, I think it's better if we apply the template to all the pages no? To prevent future editing and for uniformity. XD

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