• The (soon to be) community message would like a quality-check, my dear fellow admin ^^ Please. Please. Please :3

    We need your help!

    This wiki lacks a lot of information, so if you notice something that should be added, please don't hesitate and edit! If you see incorrect information, please edit and replace it with the right content, or leave a message in the comment section.

    Be sure to be familiar with the wiki rules before you start your contribution:
    General RulesManual of StyleImage Policy

    Positions for Vandalism watch (users who watch out for vandalism and spam in edits and revert them) are open; if you feel that you are up to the job, please contact Diamondine or Linzer.Melange.

    What do you think about the vandalism watch? Sounds kinda cool :P xDD And it would be a great help, wouldn’t it?

    And peeking Ochiai ... peeking Ochiai everywhere :OOOO ;)

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    • ooohhhhh!!! Yeah we do need this help. This will be in the community messages right? XD haha, I kind of posted something like this at Furuya's page because many fans go to that page. But this is more detailed. Nice one!

      Peeking Ochiai, why do I feel like I'm that? (LOL! Scary...)

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    • Yes, this will replace the old community message ^^

      We can put it on the main page too ... if it's really needed?!

      If you are Ochiai (that would be really kinda scary btw), then I'm Kataoka? That would be awesome :P xD

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    • LOL! Yeah, I check on the edits every now and then (thanks to those... -_-') so I kinda feel like that.. -_-'  lol!

      Kataoka is awesome. You are the boss! XD

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    • I do that to - but most of the time you are faster than me (^_^;) Maybe there is a little Ochiai in everyone of us? (ʘᗩʘ’) xDDD

      Hihihi, as long as you do not call me General ^^

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    • General? XD  hehehe a little of Ochiai is nice. Btw boss, I see the new community post. Looks awesome there. XD

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    • Because of Eijun ... he calls Kataoka “General” and Ochiai “Sergeant” ^^

      It looks awesome? Then I’m satisfied.  Thx, Mrs. Sergeant ((:

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    • Mrs.??? whoa! LOL! I'd rather be a spawn than the wife. haahaha! Yes, it looks awesome! XD

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    • xDD

      I should stop with the silly jokes, or it'll end badly (;゚∀゚)

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    • A FANDOM user
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