• For those who have been following the Manga, Anime, or both, there have been times when we cheered, cried, broke tables, and felt peace. Out of all the amazing moments that were brought to us, what is your favorite? If you can't pick one, give your top 3.

    All that I ask is that you follow this one rule :)

    State the chapter from the manga or the episode from the anime before you describe/write the reason why. So the people who haven't read/watched that portion can skip it if they want to. Basically a spoiler warning.

    Have fun picking!

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    • I created this thread but I forgot to answer it lol, my favorite has to be from Daiya no A Act II Chapter 26.


      Where Sawamura is reflecting on the him from a year ago. I know its not the most action driven or the most amazing Sawamura moment, but I still laugh everytime I reread it. I like how it shows his growth over a year. Just imagine if this Sawamura joined a year ago.... I would like to see him get in a time machine and go back in the past. That would be hilarious

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    • Daiya no A Act II Chapter 42-47, but especially 43 when he brushes off the coach because he's still upset/frustrated. It was Eijun finally releashing the pent up frustration he and we (the readers) had been feeling since Daiya no A the first series.

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