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This Guy's Pretty Good
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date August 3, 2015
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This Guy's Pretty Good is episode 18 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 287 to first half of 290 of the manga.


Sawamura replaces Furuya on the ninth but feels overwhelmed by the cheering crowd, and Umemiya's fighting spirit. Aware of Sawamura's state of mind but at full count, Miyuki takes the time to decide what pitch to call. He thinks of Kataoka's strategy before their defense, but Miyuki calls for a pitch to the inside to strike Umemiya out.


Miyuki faces Umemiya. The first pitch is a slow curve and is a strike, but Miyuki is persistent fighting with fouls. He hits, though the ball is caught right in front of the fence. The top of the ninth begins and Seidou announces a change in players. Sawamura steps on the mound replacing Furuya, baffling Ochiai who observes from the stands.

The crowd continue to cheer for Ugumori. Sawamura admits feeling overwhelmed by the cheering audience to Miyuki but both are excited to silence the crowd. Ugumori's third hole is up. The first and second pitches are balls followed by a foul. The batter then hits a grounder and makes it to first base. Batting next is Umemiya. Ugumori isn't planning to take any risks betting everything on Umemiya's clutch ability. Miyuki is aware of Umemiya's influence on the team and wants Sawamura to focus on striking him out to stop Ugumori's momentum. The first pitch is a ball to the inside but Umemiya didn't hesitate to hit the next. Luckily for Seidou it's a foul. Umemiya intimidates Sawamura with his fighting spirit while Sawamura struggles with the pressure, triggering memories of the dead ball he threw at Shirakawa last Summer.

Aware of Sawamura's state of mind and at full count, Miyuki takes the time before making his call. He thinks of Kataoka's advice of not needing to throw to the inside, but still decide to call for a cutter to the inside. Determined to change and to go to Nationals, Sawamura throws the ball, constantly telling himself to not run away.