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The World Beyond
Season 2, Episode 35
Air date November 30, 2015
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The World Beyond is episode 35 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 348 to chapter 350 of the manga.


Seiko Academy and Seidou High's match reach its conclusion. Seiko Academy is defeated and Seidou High advances to the finals.


On top of the tenth, Seiko's offense will start with second batter, Yamashita. Yamashita hits a grounder to second after being cornered, but is out on first. Batting next is Kojima, who isn't so sure if he'll hit the change-up again. And surely, the first pitch is a changeup and is a strike. The second pitch, Asou catches the fly for the second out.

Two outs and no runners on base, up at-bat is Nagata. Kawakami is sent to the mound replacing Sawamura. The first pitch is a slider to the outside— Nagata swings and miss. The second is a ball, followed by fouls. After maximizing the corners, Miyuki calls for an inside pitch believing in Kawakami's skills. Kawakami smiles, baffling Nagata. He throws a perfect slider to the inside, and strikes out Seiko's fourth batter. Seiko goes down, three for three.

At the bottom of the tenth, Haruichi bats first. In the dugout, as Miyuki removes his catcher gear, he realizes something is wrong. Sawamura offers him a drink while Furuya notices him sweating a lot. Miyuki is quick to brush it off, saying he feels bad for the pitchers that the batters haven't scored. Meanwhile, Tsune jams Haruichi.

Next at-bat is Miyuki. The first pitch is a ball to the outside, followed by a strike. The third pitch is a screwball that is called ball. The count is 2-1 and Miyuki is yet to swing his bat. The fourth pitch is a high fastball to the inside. Masu wonders if Miyuki got hurt with Tsune's rough play earlier and hence, is not reacting well. Tsune is frustrated that Miyuki isn't swinging his bat and feels that they shouldn't be afraid of him. Understanding Tsune's mind, Masu calls for an inside pitch. Tsune throws, and Miyuki, fueled by his desire to take the team to Nationals, hits a home run putting an end to the game.