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The Underdog Story
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date June 15, 2015
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The Underdog Story is episode 11 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from Chapter 264 to first half of Chapter 267.


Seidou wins their match against Nanamori. Meanwhile, Inashiro struggle to score more against Ugumori's ace, Umemiya Seiichi. At the bottom of the seventh, Umemiya reveals the trump card he's been hiding surprising Inashiro. In Inashiro's dugout, Kunitomo says the opponents are a step ahead of them and tells Narumiya it's about time he wakes up.


Nanamori and Seidou's match continue. Sawamura successfully throws to the inside and gets over-excited. Nanamori's giant however, hits the next pitch to left field. Furuya catches the ball, quickly throwing back home. On top of the fifth, Seidou is up by eleven, hence, the game is called and they bag the win.

In Ota Stadium, bottom of the fifth with two outs, Inashiro hasn't scored after the first inning. Inashiro's batters are having a hard time timing Umemiya Seiichi's slow curve ball and fastball. Fukui cheers his teammates but Tadano thinks the game isn't going well for them. He looks to Ugumori's side and Umemiya smirks at him. Narumiya shouts to Tadano to be aggressive but Umemiya remain confident that they'll turn the game around.

On top of the sixth, Umemiya steals second base. Ugumori's fifth batter hits the ball right in front of right field and Umemiya dashes from second to home. Tadano catches the ball and moves to tag Umemiya, who is declared out by the umpire. Tadano wasn't able to tag Umemiya completely and Umemiya makes sure Tadano know this. Bottom of the sixth, one out, a runner on second, Inashiro fail to score once again.

Bottom of the seventh, Yamaoka lands a hit and makes it to second. Batting next is Narumiya who Umemiya surprises with his trump card: the "power" curve. He strikes out Yabe next. At Ugumori's dugout, Matsubara Nao commends Umemiya for his pitching. Meanwhile in Inashiro's dugout, Narumiya is mad that Umemiya had laughed at him for striking out. Kunitomo is not pleased with the teams performance, saying that Ugumori is one step ahead of them and tells Narumiya to wake up.