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The Three-Hole
Season 1, Episode 58
Air date November 30, 2014
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The Three-Hole (Mae o Utsu Otoko, 前を打つ男) is Episode 58 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 172 to 175 of the manga.


Haruichi replaces his brother to bat. Narumiya walks Isashiki, creating a chance for Seidou to score. With the bases loaded, Isashiki entrusts the rest to Yuuki.


Top of the Eighth and Haruichi's at bat. Narumiya is annoyed about Haruichi using a wooden bat and vows to break it. Narumiya throws a pitch and Haruichi recalls how he's always chased after his brother Ryosuke. He hits to the left while breaking his bat, and manages to get on base as Shirasu advances to second base.

The clean-ups are next and Isashiki's first to bat. Maezono cheers from the stands while remembering a conversation with Isashiki. Zono is practicing his swing one night when Isashiki sees him and asks if he aims on hitting a home-run with every at-bat when he swings wide. He then adds that the coach won't pick him swinging like that. Zono replies saying that he is known for his long hits and asks Isashiki how he controls his hits to the right when his form is inconsistent. Isashiki is annoyed but replies that he does everything to chase the ball when he's standing on the plate; admitting to Zono that the guy waiting next to him to bat is one he'll never beat in a million years.

Back to the game, Narumiya throws but it's a ball. The count is 2-2 and the next pitch is still a ball, walking off Isashiki. With the bases loaded, Isashiki leaves the rest to Yuuki. The first pitch is a fork and Yuuki misses. The next pitch went past Harada but was quick to save it. Narumiya shakes off Harada's pitch calls and challenges Yuuki with a fastball. Yuuki taps and fouls. They continue to face off and the count is 1B-2S. Narumiya and Harada decides to strike out Yuuki with the change-up. Narumiya pitches. Will Yuuki be able to land a hit?


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.