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The Resolve for Responsibility
Season 2, Episode 32
Air date November 9, 2015
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The Resolve for Responsibility is episode 32 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 334 to chapter 337 of the manga.


Seidou successfully prevents Seiko from scoring on top of the fourth with a double play. Furuya's injury however seem to be hurting which Kudo notices. Kataoka wants to switch him out but Furuya is determined to continue pitching.


Top of the fourth, one out and runners on first and third, Furuya face Seiko's fourth batter. Furuya feels pressure from the fourth batter's swing but after Miyuki called for the time out, Furuya calms down and pitches low. The batter hits a grounder and with quick in-fielding, Seido pulls off a 3-6-1 double play. However, Furuya feels his injured foot hurt. Bottom of the inning, Tsune jams Asou. Kuramochi's next at bat and is batting left this time, in an attempt to counter Tsune's screwball. Unfortunately, he goes down with a grounder to first.

Top of the fifth, Tsune hits a solo home run. Kudo notices Furuya's injury maybe hurting. Miyuki compliments Furuya, for his performance after the home run. At the bottom, after receiving advice from Kataoka, Haruichi hits Tsune's first pitch and makes it to first. Tsune face Miyuki next but walks him on four balls. Maezono bunts, but Tsune reacted fast enough to out Haruichi on third. With runners on first and second, Furuya is up at bat. Sawamura wants to bat in his place and wonders why the bench aren't making a move. Back to Furuya, he is very determined to become a true ace and his teammates feel his intense energy. Tsune on the other hand is not happy with Furuya receiving the title of "monster rookie", for Tsune thinks the title should have been his. Furuya hits a grounder but Seiko pulls off the double play. Sawamura in his own way, try to cheer Furuya but is surprised that the latter is unresponsive.

Before the start of the next inning, Nabe and Kudo go to the bench and raise their concern about Furuya's injury. The game is put into a pause while Furuya receives treatment behind the dugout. Kataoka wants to switch him out considering his pitch count and condition but Furuya shows his determination to not step down the mound. Kataoka allows him to continue, to Miyuki's surprise but thinks that at the moment, Furuya is playing like an ace.