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The Resilient Second-String
Season 2, Episode 28
Air date October 12, 2015
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The Resilient Second-String is episode 28 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the manga story line from second half of Chapter 319 to Chapter 322.


The intra-squad match begins with Sawamura pitching for Team B. Ochiai, in charge of Team A, makes Haruichi use a metal bat instead of his signature wooden bat and then instructs the team to go for Eijun's high change-ups. 


Seidou's intra-squad game begins. Sawamura opens for Team B and jams Team A's Kuramochi, Shirasu and Haruichi out, with the latter using a metal bat instead of his signature wooden bat, under the coaches (Ochiai) orders. Bottom of the first, Team B scores the first run of the game. Top of the second, Miyuki hits Sawamura's change-up into left-center field, gets on base, but Team A fails to score.

Ochiai instructs his team to aim for Sawamura's high change-up and at the bottom of the inning, Furuya performs more consistently. Observing the team with Rei from afar is Yuuki Masashi, Yuuki Tetsuya's younger brother, who wants to find out if Seidou High could prepare him to go pro.

Top of the third, Team A aims for the change-up. Kanemaru hits but goes straight to third. Sawamura wonders if the pitch is going a little high, but nonetheless thinks is the best opportunity to practice the breaking ball. Asou also manage a hit but doesn't make it to base. It's Kuramochi's turn to bat once again, and he stands on the left batters box following Ochiai's orders. He hits the change-up, gets on base then steals another. Shirasu also hits the breaking ball and with this Kuramochi makes it to home, tying the score to 1-1.