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The Kick
Season 1, Episode 67
Air date February 1, 2015
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The Kick (Happun Zairyou, 発奮材料) is episode 67 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 206 to 209 of the manga.


Seidou plays their three remaining practice matches of the Summer break. And the Seidou players are motivated by an upcoming scrimmage againts Yakushi.


The episode begins with Seidou dominating Chiba. Ota wonders what changed in the team since they weren't that good with batting before. In a flashback, Kataoka informs the team of the scrimmage againts Yakushi. Sawamura and Furuya hopes to get their revenge on Raichi while, Kanemaru and Tojou are both thinking to impress Kataoka during that game.

Back in the game, Furuya is being sent to the left field and Sawamura will take on the mound. Ota asks Kataoka if the upcoming match againts Yakushi is the reason behind the teams increased morale to which Kataoka replies that the players are excited to test out their strength. At Yakushi, Raichi bats for homeruns and Sanada is pitching well. Raizou tells Sanada to rest. Raichi thinks of destroying Seidou's pitchers.

At Seidou, Ochiai observe the players practice their batting and wonders if the atmosphere he sees is something the present players have learned from the previous generation. August 28th, Seidou plays againts Arita. Haruichi impresses the gallery after a beautiful save. Kawakami is told by Kataoka to rest for he will pitch againts Yakushi. On a different field, Furuya help Sawamura stretch when the Yakushi players arrive. Raichi jumps over the fence telling Sawamura and Furuya that he'll smash them both while Sanada brags about Yakushi taking their 20th consecutive win should they defeat Seidou.

The game between Seidou and Yakushi start. The starting pitcher for Yakushi is Mishima Yuta and Kuramochi's at bat. Kuramochi hits, running all the way to second. Haruichi bunts but doesn't make it on base. Maezono strikes out. 2 outs and a runner on third Miyuki is next. Mishima throws but is a pass ball allowing Seidou to score. Miyuki hits a fly to first. Furuya asks Kataoka's permission to pitch for the entire game. Kataoka declines explaining that the game is just not for him. However, he's willing to give Furuya more innings depending on his performance. Furuya strikes out two batters in a row impressing the gallery.