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The Field
Season 2, Episode 45
Air date February 15, 2016
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The Field is episode 45 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 386 to chapter 389 of the manga.


Seidou takes back a run and makes Raichi realize what kind of place the mound is, pressuring him. Raizou swaps his players, sending Sanada to pitch who outs Higasa. Before Seidou's defense, Miyuki tells Kataoka to make the call if Kataoka sees that Miyuki is dragging the team down.


It's the top of the fifth and Maezono is up to bat with one out, bases loaded. The first pitch is a ball, the second is a foul, then another ball, another foul, and the last ball makes it a full count. Finally, hitting the ball, Zono pops a fly, but Kuramochi makes it back home and scores, tying the game. Shirasu gets a base on balls and the bases are loaded again. Now realizing what kind of place the mound is, Raichi's pitching fails to advance the game. Having no other choice, Raizou swaps the players around. Raichi covers third, and in turn the third baseman, Mishima covers first and the first baseman, Sanada, is the new pitcher.

The count is two outs, one ball, and the bases are loaded. Mine observes the switch and comments that it is Yakushi's best formation. Knowing that Seidou is going to bat aggressively, Akiba wants to get Higasa to hit an infield grounder. Sanada pitches and Higasa hits it to third base where Raichi is. He catches the ball and throws it to Mishima at first, who barely catches the throw, but nevertheless gets the out.

Zono, overly concerned about Miyuki, pesters him, asking him if he's sure he's okay. Kuramochi tells him to stop, but Zono doesn't. Then Kataoka asks Miyuki if he's fine and Miyuki replies that if it looks like he's dragging the team down with how he's playing, then to switch him out. Kataoka agrees and says he'll switch him out no matter how they feel if they're hurting the team, or themselves.

Yakushi is up the bat with the next batters being the clean-up. Sawamura's first pitch is a strike and Mishima fouls the next one. Miyuki calls for the next pitch and thinks that instead of being afraid of dragging everyone's morale down, he should have been more straightforward. Sawamura then pitches, and it's a change-up, which strikes out Mishima. Next up to bat is Raichi.