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The Fall Tournament Begins!
Season 2, Episode 04
Air date April 27, 2015
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The Fall Tournament Begins! is episode 4 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2.The episode follows the story line from chapters 238 to 242 of the manga.


Seidou will face Teito High at the first round of the Tournament. Seidou does a situational field practice while Teitou work on their fielding that's known as the impenetrable defense.


The team study Teito's plays while Sawamura practice with Kariba. Ochiai observes from the distance and Sawamura notices him. Sawamura asks Ochiai to be the umpire and to mingle more. Ochiai asks Sawamura if he wants to switch to a sidearm pitcher surprising Sawamura. Ochiai adds that Sawamura should become a practice pitcher for the team instead. Sawamura accepts if it will help the team. At practice, the team thinks Sawamura is being hilarious after showing a sidearm pitch. Kataoka asks Sawamura why he gave up practicing his outside pitch. Kataoka later instructs Miyuki that they'll be having a situational field practice. Miyuki asks if Sawamura should pitch as well and Kataoka says "yes" adding that Sawamura is a valuable member of the team. Ochiai who hears this however, thinks otherwise.

While Seidou practice their fielding, at Teito High, Mukai Taiyou also practice with Kengo Inui. Mukai asks Inui if there's a pitcher who really throws as fast as the machine is throwing. Inui informs Mukai of Seidou's freshmen pitchers but Mukai thinks he is the number one pitcher of his generation. Back at Seidou, Sawamura stands on the mound and is reminded by Kariba to relax. Sawamura does this and throws an outside pitch. It's a strike. Kuramochi thinks it's not a bad practice but a lefty-sidearm pitcher would have a bigger angle.

Again at Teito, Mukai says he'll be throwing to the deep corner next. Inui recalls the first time he had heard this and thought lightning had struck him. Teito's Coach Okamoto watches and thinks that the last two times they won Nationals, pitchers like Mukai had been on their team.

Seidou finishes their field practice and Kataoka gives his players a seemingly final advice. The team however, is determined to not let him quit.