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The Decision
Season 2, Episode 46
Air date February 22, 2016
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The Decision is episode 46 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 390 to chapter 393 of the manga.


Sawamura face-off against Raichi who hit his fastball into left field. Sanada follows suit hitting Sawamura's cutter. With runners on first and third, Yakushi's captain, Hirahata bunts and Raichi runs home, putting Yakushi in the lead, 4-3.


Raichi is up to bat and Sawamura greets him with a fastball to the inside which Raichi hits into left field. Up next to bat is Sanada, to whom Miyuki calls for a moving fastball to the outside. Raichi goes for the steal and manages to get it. In between that play, Miyuki catches the pitch and throws it to Kuramochi on second, but misthrows and the ball falls short of Kuramochi's mitt.

Calling for a time-out, Miyuki tells Sawamura to focus on the batter and that the plan is to pitch one to the inside before finishing Sanada with a change-up. Giving a few words to Miyuki, they get back in positions and Miyuki calls for Sawamura to pitch a cutter to the batter's chest. Feeling determined, Sanada hits the cutter and it goes into center field. Now there's one out with runners on first and third.

Seido brings in their infielders a bit and Raizou tells Hirahata to believe in his swing. Miyuki wants to make Hirahata hit a grounder, but instead, the latter decides to bunt. The second pitch is a ball but on the third one Hirahata bunts again, this time it succeeds and Raichi runs home, putting Yakushi back into lead. The count is now two strikes with a runner on second. Batting seventh, Yakushi hits a grounder to second and gives up their third out.

Rei reprimands Miyuki

At the top of the sixth, Yakushi is in the lead, 4 to 3, and batting first is Sawamura. Meanwhile, Miyuki is getting checked out by a doctor who says that while nothing's broken, his oblique muscles might be injured. Rei reprimands him telling Miyuki that he knows very well what happened to Chis when he was injured. Miyuki says that he's left the decision on whether or not he stays on the field to Kataoka and as long he out on there, he'll do his best.

Back to the game at hand, Aso barely makes it to first base and Kuramochi is up next and he strikes out. Toujou is up next and he also gets out, making that the third out. Sawamura is back up to pitch and strikes out all three batters getting a three for three. Neither teams score in the sixth inning and they head into the seventh.