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The Courage He Gave Me
Season 2, Episode 31
Air date November 2, 2015
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The Courage He Gave Me is episode 31 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 329 to chapter 334 of the manga.


The game begins. Seidou scores early in the game and expands their lead, prompting Seiko to switch their ace with Tsunematsu. Tsunematsu prevents Seidou from scoring more than five runs and at the bottom of the third, Seiko's batters swing strongly affecting Furuya's pitching.


The game begins. Batting first for Seiko is catcher and captain Masu. The first pitch is a high ball, followed by two strikes then another two ball. At full count, Furuya luckily strikes Masu out. Bottom of the first, Kuramochi starts the inning with a triple. Shirasu hits a grounder next, and Kuramochi comes home. The clean-ups follow suit scoring another run.

Top of the second, the inning is a three-for-three once again for Seidou. At the bottom, Seidou scores their third run of the game. Ochiai, watching once again from the stands tells the principal that he'll (Ochiai) be the one leaving the team should Seidou win the Fall tournament with Kataoka coaching. After Seidou scores their fourth run and still with runners on base, Seiko replace Kojima with Tsunematsu. Tsune walks Haruichi, loading the bases. Miyuki is at-bat and Tsune hits his back giving Seidou a free run, disappointing the audience. The bases still loaded, Maezono's next at-bat. Tsune however, calms himself by singing a song and Seiko pulls off a double play.

Top of the third, Masu successfully gets on base. The rest of the batters swing forcefully and fiercely, affecting Furuya's pitching. Facing the fourth batter, Miyuki calls for a time out.