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The Cold Rain
Season 2, Episode 05
Air date May 4, 2015
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The Cold Rain is episode 5 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 243 to the first half of chapter 246.


The first round of the tournament begins. Despite the rain, Furuya and Mukai square off, continuing to out batters with thier own pitching styles. At the bottom of the fifth however, the game is temporarily put into a halt due to the heavy rain. How will it affect the pitchers?


The match between Seidou High and Teito High begins with Seidou's defense. Teito's catcher, Kengo and Coach Okamoto are impressed with Furuya's pitching while Mukai thinks the two give Furuya too much credit. For Seidou's offense, Kataoka give instructions to the batters and Kuramochi is first to bat. Mukai maximizes the corners, eventually striking Kuramochi out with a screwball. Bottom of the second, Furuya strikes out while Shirasu doesn't get on base. Top of the fourth, Furuya continue to strike out Teito's batters but Seidou still struggle to score at the bottom. Ochiai observes from the gallery wondering why Maezono is again the three-hole, as he would remove Maezono from the starting line up if he's the coach.

Top of the fifth, the rain is affecting Furuya as his pitches get higher. Miyuki goes to the mound asking Furuya if the rain bothers him. Furuya nods, but Miyuki says it's good that Furuya had thrown the last pitch low for he can catch it but he won't if the ball goes over him. With no outs, runners on first and second, Furuya face Mukai. Mukai gets to first with a bunt but the runner going for third is out. Furuya outs the following batters, receiving praise from Kataoka. The game however, is put into a temporary halt due to the rain. Sawamura is at the bullpen throwing pitches not wanting to just sit and do nothing after seeing how Furuya pitched. Furuya relaxes in the dugout but Miyuki thinks it's an unfavorable game pause.