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The Best Fastball
Season 2, Episode 44
Air date February 8, 2016
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The Best Fastball is episode 44 of Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 381 to chapter 385 of the manga.


With two outs but Kawakami's hand feeling numb from the impact of Raichi's pitches, he gives up a run. Sawamura is sent to pitch and throws his best fastball for the third out. At Yakushi's defense, Raichi's unpredictable control help strike Miyuki out.


Thinking that it's too early to walk off the mound, Kawakami pitches and the batter hits the ball and Kuramochi thinks that they can get a double play if he stops it, but just as the ball is passing the mound, Kawakami interferes with the ball's course and taps it away from it's original path towards Kuramochi. Quickly alters his path to follow the ball, Kuramochi catches it and throws backwards to Haruichi who catches it and throws it to first successfully completing the double play. With two outs, Kawakami consecutively walks two batters.

Nori putting his energy into the ball.

In the dugout, Kataoka tells Kanemaru to fetch Sawamura. Meanwhile Raizou reveals that the reason why Kawakami is messing up is because he probably can't feel anything with his fingertips from the impact of Raichi's pitches. Feeling the pressure of being on the mound, Kawakami pitches but the batter connects to it and the second-base runner ties the game. Sawamura walks out to the field where, after giving words of encouragement to Sawamura, Kawakami walks back to the dugout.

Sawamura pitches against Akiba who is unable to hit the first pitch. The next pitch is a ball to the outside and Akiba jams the final pitch. However, the third-baseman fails to catch the ball and the runner scores causing Yakushi to take the lead. Sawamura pitches again and Yakushi makes their move, both runners try to steal, but Masuda fouls the pitch and the following pitches. When the batter chokes up on the bat in preparation for a change-up, Miyuki notices and tells Sawamura to pitch his best fastball, one that he had been practicing a ton the night before. The pitch becomes a swinging strikeout.

Becoming too excited with wanting to bat Sawamura's pitches, Raichi loses his previous pitch control and walks Haruichi. But when Miyuki walks up to bat, Raichi suddenly fixes his control and strikes Miyuki out with the latter unable to make any contact with the ball. Walking back to the dugout, Miyuki apologizes to Maezono. Everyone is shocked the Miyuki was unable to touch the ball in such a critical moment and questions what might have happened to him. Zono goes up to bat and wonders why Miyuki apologized and then realizes that Miyuki might injured from the tackle in the game against Seiko.