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The Ace Walks On
Season 1, Episode 36
Air date June 15, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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The Ace Walks On (Ace Toujou; エース登場) is Episode 36 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 104 to 107 of the manga.


Sanada's presence on the mound improve the mood of his team, and despite being an upgraded version of Sawamura, the freshman pitcher square off with him in striking out batters. Chris however, is puzzled as to why a pitcher as good as Sanada doesn't pitch from the start. On top of the sixth, Yakushi's third batting cycle begin and Raichi once again stand on the batters box. Will Kataoka call for a pitcher substitution?


Sanada steps on the mound, changing the mood of the Yakushi team. One out and runner on second, Masuko’s on the batter's box, and Miyuki’s on deck and already is reading Sanada. Sanada's first pitch is a shootball that hits Masuko, leading to a walk. Miyuki’s up to bat next with runners on first and second. Miyuki waits for an easy pitch and when he thought he gets one, the ball curves at the last minute and Miyuki hits into a double play to end the inning. Kataoka asks what pitch it is and Miyuki think its a cutter.

The Sankou seniors arrive, quickly noticing Tanba is nowhere to be seen. At the bottom of the fourth, Furuya strikes out. Chris think Sanada is a good pitcher but wonders why he has been a reliever the entire tournament. Sawamura also strikes out swinging his bat. On the fifth, Sawamura and Sanada continue to square off in outing batters. Tanba goes to the mound and tells Kawakami not to lose focus as the tenth graders has already proven themselves.

The top of the sixth starts with the eight batter for Yakushi and Raizou had given the instruction to get a man on base for Raichi. Sawamura throws the ball with Yakushi’s batter not quite ready yet and he pops the ball. Ryosuke and Yuki try to catch the fly but fails and the batter gets on base. The next batter bunts, advancing the runner to second. With no out and a runner on second, Raichi is once again at-bat. Will Kataoka call for a pitcher substitution?