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The Ace Title
Season 1, Episode 68
Air date February 8, 2015
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The Ace Title (Ace no Za, エースの座) is episode 68 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 210 to 212 of the manga.


Furuya strikes Raichi out and holds Yakushi scoreless. Sawamura asks permission from Kataoka to pitch but Kataoka only declines.


Top of the fourth, Seido fails to score after a double play, but Furuya strike Yakushi's batters out. Raichi stands on the batters box and Furuya manages to strike him out, overpowering Raichi with his fastballs. Sawamura is awed, then recalls Furuya telling him that he'll be the one taking the ace title.

Top of the fifth, Tojou hits Mishima's fork. Kuramochi bunts advancing Tojou to second then to third after Haruicchi's at-bat. One out and runners on third and first, Maezono's at-bat but is out. Top of the sixth, Furuya hits long and Miyuki runs to home. Sawamura is infuriated. He had asked Kataoka to let him pitch at the fifth inning but Kataoka declines, telling Sawamura that assessing the situation and warming up are important functions of a reliever, shocking Sawamura. Bottom of the sixth, Furuya's still on the mound but appears to be tired when he fails to cover first base after a hit from Yakushi. He walks the next batter. No outs with runners on first and second for Yakushi. However, Furuya regains his strength and pitches low, striking out the batter.