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That Summer
Season 1, Episode 47
Air date September 7, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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That Summer (... Ano Natsu,…あの夏) is Episode 47 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. This episode covers chapter 140 and the second half of 149.


Miyuki is seen by Narumiya along with the other second-year Inashiro players and recalls the last time they gathered together. In the bus, Miyuki confess that had he not met Chris and Rei, he would've gone to Inashiro.


Miyuki standing by the bathroom waiting for the 3 first years to come out when a hand full of Inashiro players come walking by and strike up a conversation with Miyuki.


Inashiro’s Narumiya wanted to create an all-star team of the highest level junior high players. They would all go to Inashiro and they would win the Koushien. Among them are three other Inashiro players and our own Kazuya Miyuki. Kazuya’s cocky and wants to play against strong opponents. Folks like Chris and Narumiya. He chose Seidou of his own volition.

The episode was all Kazuya and how he became the player he is today. His personality—seemingly abrasive, in-your-face, cocky—has all the workings for a great catcher. As he’s stated, he’ll be the pitcher’s worst enemy if it means he’ll pitch well. He’s the “coach” on the field, barking out orders to third years when he’s a green first-year junior high student. The third years have their own brand of cocky, but Kazuya’s is getting beaten up then telling the very same folks that beat him up that they’re late to practice the next day. Yeah, even in junior high, he didn’t get along well with everyone.

But he’s a mastermind behind the plate. Chris, as the time, was just a little better. When Kazuya thinks that the next pitch is going to be an outside fastball, Chris calls for a curve that goes from the outside to the inside. He knew that Kazuya wanted the outside fastball. That’s the difference in their abilities.