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That's The Reason Why
Season 3, Episode 51
The reason why
Air date March 24, 2020
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That's The Reason Why is the 51st episode of Diamond no Ace Act II anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 162 up to chapter 165 of the Act II manga.


It's Seidou's match against Hachiya Ouji. Furuya's control isn't perfect but he doesn't miss the mark that much nevertheless. He even sets a personal speed record with 155 km/h with one of his pitches, getting his 10th strikeout during the 5th inning. Sawamura looks happy to see a revived Furuya. At the bottom of the 5th inning Seidou's batter show their worth and score 5 runs. Till the 7th inning they widen the gap 0-8.


Furuya's control isn't perfect but he doesn't miss the mark that much nevertheless. It's 2 outs quickly and despite Kawabata landing a hit to the center field, he is retired due to a nice play from Kuramochi and Haruichi. Miyuki feels like Hachi Ouji's batter targeting Furuya's fastballs only. Then it's Seidou's turn playing offense. Kuramochi hits a good one off of Hachiya Ouji's ace Natsume, who is a "right side arm pitching to contact type", but Kawabata prevents him from getting on base.

The match is skipped to the bottom of the 2nd inning, neither Seidou nor Hachiya has scored a run yet. It's 2 outs and Toujou is on 1st. At bat is Kanemaru who gets stopped by Kawabata again. Hachiya Ouji's team gets fired up by Kawabata pulling his great defensive plays.

On top of the 3rd inning, Miyuki switches up his tactics, because he realised Hachiya Ouji's plan to ignore all the low flying breaking balls and got 3 strike outs on the splitter, closing out the inning. In the dugout Sawamura and Furuya go thru their usual banter. Sawamura then aks the batters if they really want to leave things so uneventfull on their end now that Furuya has demonstrate some nice pitching (after a loooong while). During their next offense Kuramochi leads off with a hit to get on base, he then steals 2nd to put himself in a scoring position. Haruichi and Shirasu follow up with consecutive safe hits and Seidou scores their first run.

At the bottom of the 4th inning it's 1 out and Zono is on 2nd. Toujou is up at bat and hits the ball to the middlefield; Zono tries to score by rounding 3rd but a fast throw from the outfielder retires him at home plate. Masashi comes up and gets struck out.

Top of the 5th inning, Furuya reaches his top velocity – even setting a personal speed record with 155 km/h with one of the pitches - and is still shutting out Hachiya Ouji's batters, getting his 10th strikeout and closes out the 5th inning unscathed. Sawamura looks happy to see a revived Furuya.

Kuramochi walks in the bottom of the 5th at 1 out, he then steals a run to 2nd. Pitcher Natsume tries to prevent Kuramochi from taking a big lead over the base. Haruichi is next at bat and recalls a conversation with the coach, who told him that he wants Haruichi to make decisions on his own and use that excellent batting skills to score runs for the team. Haruichi makes contact and the ball goes over Kawabata's head in-between the 1st and 2nd base, thus enables Kuramochi to score. Shirasu then scores another RBI[1], Miyuki gets walked and Zono slams an unbelievable 3 run homerun. Kawabata gets fired up by playing a strong team like Seidou. Hachiya Ouji's battery forces a grounder off of Furuya and closes out the inning.

At the bottom of the 6th inning, Yui comes in to replace Masashi and hits a double[2], Kanemaru hits an RBI, Haruichi follows up with another infield RBI. The score difference is now 8-0.

It's the top of the 7th inning and Kawabata is at bat. Determined to not let it end here.



  1. A run batted in (RBI) is a statistic in baseball that credits a batter for making a play that allows a run to be scored
  2. A double is the act of a batter striking the pitched ball and safely reaching second base without being called out by the umpire, without the benefit of a fielder's error or another runner being put out on a fielder's choice.