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Takashima Rei
Seidou High School
Assistant Coach & Scout
Bats: - Throws: -
Kanji 高島礼
Gender Female
Age 26[1] (debut)

27 [2]
28 [3]

Date of birth March 30 (Aries)
Place of birth Tokyo
Bloodtype A
Height 169 cm (5' 6.5"; personal statement)
Weight 49 kg (108 lbs; personal statement)
Education unknown
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 1
Anime S1 - Episode 1
Voice Actor Yumi Uchiyama
I'm going to give him a slap later - directly from his grandfather.
Takashima about Sawamura

Takashima Rei (高島 礼) is the assistant coach as well as a scout for the Seidou Baseball Team. She is also an English teacher.[4]


Takashima has been a scout and recruiter for Seidou for five years (six years as of Act II) and is responsible for bringing in some of its strongest players. She has a knack for spotting superior talent and a great sense of the game she recruits for.  Proof of her skills lies in the fact that her four most notable recruits all made first-string during their first year.

Relationship with other characters[]

Kataoka Tesshin[]

Nothing is known about when they met or how long they have been acquainted, but it is clear that Kataoka has a great deal of trust in Takashima as his recruiter for his team, even when a few of said recruits made terrible first impressions. They are often seen together overseeing practices, discussing players, or conversing about changes to the team. She greatly values Kataoka as Seidou's coach and tried to convince him to rescind his resignation.

Sawamura Eijun[]

Takashima scouted Sawamura after seeing his best pitch in his last match in junior high, though they lost.[1] She believes Sawamura has the potential to become the ace of the team based on his raw, untapped talent and ability to uplift, motivate, and keep morale high. She appealed to Kataoka to give Sawamura another chance after he failed to throw to the fence, vouching for his great potential for growth and undeveloped talent. It is implied by Oota that Sawamura is Takashima's favourite recruit. She is often embarrassed by his more ridiculous behaviour and overall loudness, but she is always proud of his growth as a player and willingness to challenge himself and learn.

Miyuki Kazuya[]

Takashima's first technical recruit (though she was not yet an official recruiter at the time) when she attended a game between Miyuki and Chris's senior baseball leagues. Originally, she showed up to recruit just Chris until she witnessed Miyuki's game calls and recognised him as a diamond in the rough. Miyuki was only a first year in middle school at the time, but Takashima was one of two people (the other being Chris) that ultimately inspired him to attend Seidou instead of Inashiro Jitsugyou. She is clearly fond of him and has a soft spot for him since she takes no offence with him addressing her informally as "Rei-chan" and was deeply disappointed and outraged when he hid his injury during the Fall Tournament.


  • "He himself doesn't even know what he has." - to Miyuki about Sawamura [5][6]
  • "I'm going to give him a slap later - directly from his grandfather." [7]
  • "If a nice play is done on the field, the whole team gets excited."
  • "I don't know any other coach who knows his players this well while keeping a distance."- about Kataoka[8]


  • Takashima means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "island" (島) (shima).
  • Rei means "salute, bow, ceremony, thanks/thank you, remuneration, expression of gratitude" (礼).




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