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Tachi Hiromi
Osaka Kiryu - No. 1
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Kanji 館 広美
Gender Male
Age 18 (debut)


Place of birth Osaka
Education 3rd Year High School(debut)

Alumni (current)

First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 45
Anime S1 - Episode 16
Voice Actor Matsumoto Shinobu
Games are so fun.
Tachi in Games Are Fun

Hiromi Tachi was a student of Osaka Kiryu High School. He was the ace and clean-up batter of the Osaka Kiryu's baseball team.


Tachi enjoys playing baseball and often shows a wide smile when he's on a roll in games. Despite that, he is usually a shy guy. He later on decided to enter the draft and got chosen by Hiroshima.

Act I[]

Training Camp Arc[]

Taichi participates in Osaka Kiryu's scrimmage against Seidou High just before the start of the 89th Summer Tournament qualifier.[1] At game time, he jams Kuramochi with his powerful pitch but walks Ryosuke on balls. Yuuki manages to hit off him while Isashiki and Masuko also gets jammed.

Bottom of the fourth, he's throwing faster as the game progresses and takes Seidou out three for three. Top of the fifth and Tachi at-bat, Furuya throws a very slow pitch surprising Tachi. He tells Miyuki not to throw a slow ball just because they can't get a strike, but Miyuki fires back saying that Tachi will not be swinging anyway unless he's got two strikes. Receiving a go signal from his coach to hit a homer off Furuya, he swings at Furuya's split-finger fastball which he mistook for a fastball to the inside. He is caught off guard causing the smirk on his face to disappear, and he struck out swinging at Furuya's high ball.[2]

At the bottom, Furuya hit a homerun off him and is in shock for a moment until hearing words of encouragement from his coach and teammates. The following inning, Yuuki and Miyuki hit off him and Seidou scores another run. Nonetheless, the game ends with Kiryu's win. After the match, he tells Seidou's freshmen trio[3] that watching them reminded him of the old days and wished them good luck. [4]

Summer Koshien[]

Osaka Kiryu qualifies for Nationals once again but lost to Seihou High in the second round.


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