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Tōjō Hideaki
Toujou Act 2
Seidou High School - No. 8
Center Fielder
Bats: right Throws: right
Kanji 東条 秀明
Gender Male
Age 15 (debut)

16 (Chapter 298)

Date of birth 14 October
Place of birth Tokyo
Bloodtype AB
Height 176 cm (5' 9")
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs)
Education 1st Year High School (debut)

2nd Year High School

Class 1-A (debut)


Skills Curveball


First Appearance
Manga Chapter 11
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor Shouta Aoi
The party boy is showing up.
Toujou about Shinji in Party Boys

Toujou Hideaki is a second year student of Seidou High School. Back in middle school, he played as a pitcher for Matsukata Senior League who made it to the best four at Nationals.


Toujou is a slim-built teenager of average height. He has medium-length caramel brown hair and grey eyes.


Toujou was the starting pitcher who got obliterated during the practice match with their second string seniors. It was later revealed that Toujou lost 12 points in the first inning alone and 15 points in total before he was subbed out in the second inning[1]. He realized afterwards that the reality of high school baseball is that whatever credit they had before does not count, especially in a prestigious team with national-level players.[2]

Toujou accepted the fact that he had batchmates who surpassed him to the first string. Despite this, he still made effort to train more while the varsity members played for the summer tournament. Toujou prioritized his fielding on whatever position the coach appointed him, becoming a threat to other aspirants such as Seki Naomichi and Asou Takeru.[2] His performance soon landed him as a center fielder of the team after the third years retired, and he has held on to that position ever since.

In his second year, it was revealed that Toujou still wants to make a comeback as a pitcher so he has been volunteering to pitch for batting practice.[1] Toujou got his high school debut as a pitcher in a practice game against Asari High after Kataoka asked him to fill the gap in the pitching staff from Furuya's absence due to injury.[3]

Relationships with other characters[]

Kanemaru Shinji[]

In middle school, Toujou was on the same baseball team as Kanemaru. The two appear to be close friends, one often being seen with the other. Toujou seems to like giving impromptu nicknames to Kanemaru, like "party boy"[4] during their match against Yakushi.

Kuki Youhei[]

Kuki seems to have a very close relationship with Toujou, whom he respects both as a senpai from middle school and as a pitcher. Noticing Kuki seemed discouraged for being selected into the second string despite his poor performance in the intrasquad game, Toujou cheers him up by sharing his own devastating debut experience as a pitcher in his first year at Seidou while praising the determination Kuki demonstrated on the mound. Toujou then inspires Kuki by challenging him to a race to see who will become a first string pitcher first, stating he himself haven't given up on being a pitcher yet. [1]


Although Toujou's pitching was not utilized in his first year in Seidou after making the switch the outfielder, members of the team still recognize his skills.[5] He's not a power pitcher, but has good control which he had constantly worked on as a batting practice pitcher in his second year[6][3]. Toujou got an opportunity to pitch in a practice game against Arisa after Kataoka asked him to fill in Furuya's gap. Possessing the curveball and slider as his breaking pitches, Toujou is capable of keeping his pitches low. He induces lots of ground balls and seems to be more of a pitching-to-contact type of pitcher.[3] When Sawamura was learning how to pitch a changeup, Miyuki asked Toujou to throw one to demonstrate, and he was able to do so on his first try.[7] He has not been shown to throw one since, however.

His pitching became his asset as center fielder, not only because he has a strong arm, but also control over the direction of the ball. He is much like the former center fielder Isashiki Jun when it comes to throwing and hitting; although Toujou does not howl like his predecessor, he can hit odd balls and is a very consistent batter with high on base average.

Aside from his fielding and pitching, Toujou is also a very consistent contact hitter. Despite lacking the power to convert with RBI, he is skillful with his bat and can both hits for contact and bunts to advance runners with good success.

Player Statistics[]

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Player Statistics
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Physical Strength
Mental Strength


  • Favorite Food : Beni Shoga[8] [9]
  • Favorite Subjects : English, Math [9]
  • He has respect for Momota Kanako. [9]
  • Hobby: Music Appreciation (idols) [9]
  • His favorite band is "Momoiro Clover Z". [9]
  • Rankings from the guidebook: [9]
    • He ranks fifth in Speed.
  • In his second year he is in the same class as Kominato Haruichi and Kariba Wataru.[10]
  • In the Seidou Manager's secret rankings, Toujou has the most friends of everyone in the baseball club; beating Sawamura who was ranked third before and ranked second after Kusunoki graduated. [9]
  • He shares a birthday with Masuko Toru.

Name Etymology[]

  • Toujou (東条) - Eastern Article/Condition
  • Hideaki (秀明) - Shining Excellence


  • "Not even five months after I enrolled, I've felt the full brunt of high school baseball - none of my records in middle school matters here. This is the only thing I can do now, to stay afloat in this team... This is the only thing." [2]
  • "If we look at it long term, he is a player with the potential of becoming a pitcher." - Takashima [2]
  • "Don't give up, damn it! Don’t give up being a pitcher!" - Isashiki[11]
  • "You can try your best, or give up if you want, but there will always be someone else that just take your place. Play in a game and do a good job. That's the kind of place Seidou is."[1]
  • "It's a challenge Youhei - let's see which of us get to stand on the mound as Seidou's first string pitcher first. I still haven't given up on being a pitcher yet, you see." - to Kuki [1]



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