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Season 1, Episode 32
Air date May 18, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Summers (Sorezore no Natsu, それぞれの夏) is Episode 32 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 92 to 94 of the manga.


After a fierce batting match-up, Ichidai lose to the dark horse, Yakushi High. Seidou's freshmen trio later hear Raizou remark that the only pitcher left in West Tokyo worth Raichi's time is Inashiro's Narumiya Mei. Sawamura and Furuya are super motivated to win, while Haruichi tells the team of the remark that also, fires them up.


In the bottom of the seventh, Ichidai’s ace, Manaka strike out Mishima. But Yakushi’s clean-up hitter Raichi isn’t fazed. Raizou also instruct one his players, Sanada, to get ready. In facing off Raichi the second time, Manaka throws two low breaking balls that gets past Raichi who swing and miss. The third pitch is a fastball down the middle. Raichi hits and the ball goes straight back to Manaka. He falls down but quickly picks up the ball to out Raichi. Manaka’s pulled out with an injury to his left arm.

In a different stadium, Inashiro's Narumiya, is being cheered by the crowd after a win. The pitcher however, is feeling sour that coach Kunitomo had not let him finish the game. Harada speaks reminding Narumiya that there are only a few games left before Nationals, but it'll be over should they lose. A scout arrive to report that Ichidai had lost their match against the dark horse, Yakushi. Yakushi took the game with a walk-off RBI in the ninth. After a fierce batting game, the final score is Yakushi 13 and Ichidai 12.

After the match, Seidou's freshmen trio are left looking for their bus and sees Todoroki Raichi practicing his swing with Raizou watching. Raizou tells Raichi that the only pitcher left that's worth his time in West Tokyo is Narumiya Mei from Inashiro, astounding Furuya, Sawamura and Haruichi who heard Raizou's remark.

At Seidou, Sawamura and Furuya runs on the field motivated. Haruichi tells the rest of the team what Raichi and Raizou were talking about, firing up the team for their upcoming match. Tanba asks Yuki, Isashiki and Masuko to bat against him in a simulated batting practice. They accept and the rest of the team also participate.