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Hanshin Koshien Stadium

The Summer Koshien (夏の甲子園 Natsu no Kōshien) otherwise known as the National High School Baseball Championship (全国高等学校野球選手権大会 Zenkoku Kōtō Gakkō Yakyū Senshuken Taikai), is an annual baseball tournament held in the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in the Koshien district of Nishinomiya City, Hyōgo, Japan.

It takes place during the summer school vacation period, culminating in a two-week final tournament stage in August in which 49 teams from the 47 prefectures in Japan that won their nation-wide qualifiers will battle through single elimination rounds.[1]

Every prefecture has one team qualify for Summer Koshien by winning their regional tournament[2], with two exceptions. Tokyo is divided into Western and Eastern regions, and Hokkaido is divided into Northern and Southern regions. Hence, both of these prefectures have two representatives every year.

The placement of all 49 teams are determined by lottery, 34 teams face off in the first round while 15 teams receive byes directly into the second round. The second round then begins with 32 teams. This means depending on the lottery, a team must win five or six games to become the champions.

To keep things as fair as possible, 14 of the 15 teams who received initial byes face each other in the second round to prevent fully rested teams from playing teams who have already played a game. There is one exception, the 15th team not matched up with another team with a bye faces one of the winners from the games on the first day.

In Act I, Koshien took place from August 7-21 and the qualifying tournaments occurred over a 3 week period that ended on July 31.


90th Summer Koshien
Teams Rank Prefecture
Komadai Fujimaki High School - Hokkaido - North
Hakuryu High School - Gunma
Yoshinaga High School - Tokushima
Yamamori Academy - Yamanashi
Daishi Academy - Nagano
89th Summer Koshien
Teams Rank Prefecture
Komadai Fujimaki Champion Hokkaido - North
Inashiro Industrial Runner-up Tokyo - West
Ikuei High School Best 4 Miyagi
Teito High School Best 16 Tokyo - East
Seiho High School Best 16 Aichi
Osaka Kiryu High School Second Round Osaka
Yousei High Second Round -
Ichizen High School First Round Kagawa

88th Summer Koshien
Teams Rank Prefecture
Osaka Kiryu Runner-up Osaka
Inashiro Industrial Best 16 Tokyo -West
Yatsuhiro Technical - -

82nd Summer Koshien[3]
Teams Rank Prefecture
Ouya Metropolitan High School - Tokyo - East

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