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Strong Men
Season 1, Episode 55
Air date November 1, 2014
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Entrusted Faith and the Courage to Perform

Strong Men (Tsuyoi Otoko, 強い男) is Episode 55 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from near end of chapter 162 through mid 165 of the manga.


Harada plan to crush Seidou's efforts to turn the game around with Narumiya's change-up. Narumiya carry out the plan to strike out Kuramochi and Ryosuke who fail to get on base. Kuramochi suspects Ryosuke's leg must be really bad. At Seidou's defense, Ryousuke fumbles but Kuramochi is quick to cover for him.


Narumiya comments about Tanba saying that he's tough when he thought he'd be more fragile but Harada is not surprised. He tells Narumiya of his plan to shift Seidou's attention to the change-up as they move late into the game. Narumiya says that he'll crush anyone who get's on his way.

At-bat is Kuramochi who is batting right this time. The first pitch is a change-up, that outs him. Sawamura cheers him up. Ryosuke is next. Narumiya throws another change-up, Ryosuke miss. Chris observes Inashiro's battery noticing that they've changed their pattern. Ryosuke fouls the next pitch, hits the third but fails to get on base. Kuramochi suspects that Ryosuke's leg is really in a bad shape. He remembers confronting Ryosuke about it one night and Ryosuke admits that it's a little swollen from the last game. Kuramochi has his doubts but Ryosuke assures him that he's got plenty of adrenaline rushing in a game, and that everyone hides a minor injury like his. However, if Kuramochi thinks he's dragging the team down, he won't complain if Kuramochi tells the coach since they've been partners for a year.

Back in the game, at-bat is Isashiki. Narumiya pitches his fifth change-up and Isashiki miss. Chris remain baffled as they're throwing too many change-ups, even if the battery changed their pattern. Isashiki battles it out and hits the pitch but went straight to the outfield. Narumiya is upset and Chris wonders what upsets him. Is it the ball going to the outfield? or something else... Kuramochi calls out to Ryosuke as Kataoka watches them. Bottom of the sixth with Harada on base. At-bat is Narumiya. He sacrifice bunts to advance Harada. Tanba walks the next batter. The following batter hits and Ryosuke saves the ball. Soyogi hits the first pitch but Furuya quickly throws back to Miyuki surprising Inashiro. Next at-bat is Fujikawa. He hits, Ryosuke and Kuramochi chase after the ball. Ryosuke doesn't make it but Kuramochi covers up for him, outing the runner.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.