The Hashin Koshien stadium field as illustrated in the manga.

Spring Koshien (春の甲子園 Haru no Kōshien) or Senbatsu (センバツ) is an annual high school baseball tournament held in Hanshin Koshien Stadium from March to April. The tournament's official name is the National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament (選抜高等学校野球大会 Senbatsu Kōtō Gakkō Yakyū Taikai).

The participating 32 schools[1] are chosen by a selection committee that takes the results of Regional Fall Tournaments held throughout Japan, and the nature of the regions into consideration.

In case of Tokyo, the school winner of Tokyo Fall Regional is a virtual Senbatsu lock.[2] In the recently held Fall Tokyo Tournament, Seidou won the tournament, hence securing a spot in the Spring Koshien.

The tournament determines the Spring Champions.

In Act I, the tournament was held from March 23-April 3. [3][4]


84th Spring Koshien
Teams Rank Prefecture
Hakuryuu High School Best 4 Gunma
Houmei High School First Round Oita
Ikuei High School First Round Miyagi
Kamijou Best 8 Nagasaki
Komadai Fujimaki Champion Hokkaido
Nanagamarikou First Round Tottori
Nihonshouno Best 16 Niigata
Jigen Wakayama Best 16 Wakayama
Sarashina Sougou Best 16 Chiba
Seidou High School Best 8 Tokyo
Seiseisha Runner-up Osaka
Shoubi High School Best 16 Shiga
Taishi Academy First Round Nagano
Terumi High School Best 16 Fukui
Toyoda High School First Round Aichi
Urashima Academy Best 16 Saitama
Yakushi High School Best 4 Tokyo
Yamamori Academy Best 8 Yamanashi
Yozan High School Best 16 Hiroshima
Yoshinaga High Best 8 Tokushima
83rd Spring Koshien
Teams Rank Prefecture
Ichidaisan High School Best 8 Tokyo

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