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Slider amahisa
First Seen
Anime S1 - Episode 04
Notable Users
Pitchers Amahisa Kōsei

Furuya Satoru
Kawakami Norifumi
Manaka Kaname
Narumiya Mei
Kuki Youhei

The Slider is a breaking ball that breaks as if sliding to the side opposite of the hand that threw it. The course resembles that of a curveball, but the pitch has more speed and, after traveling most of the distance on the trajectory characteristic of a fastball, suddenly breaks at the plate.

In case of a right handed pitcher and a right handed batter or, alternatively, a left handed pitcher and a left handed batter, the break will look like the ball is getting away from the batter. It's a go-to or even the winning pitch for many pitchers when they want the batter to swing and miss.[1]



The ball is held by placing one's middle finger and thumb on the seams. At the moment of the ball's release, the swinging motion of the one arm is followed through while snapping one's wrist and impacting the spin from one's fingertips.


Pitcher Description Image
Amahisa Kōsei Amahisa's slider breaks so sharply that not only does his catcher have difficulty catching, but even he has a hard time controlling it.

Special feature: In his 3rd year, Amahisa achieved a Horizontal Slider that breaks close to the plate and body of the batter. It is said that once he get this pitch going, he's almost unhittable.

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Amahisa horizontal sider
Manaka Kaname Manaka's winning pitch. Slider manaka
Narumiya Mei His sharp slider is one of the breaking balls at his disposal. Slider narumiya
Kawakami Norifumi The slider's Kawakami's main weapon. Slider kawakami
Furuya Satoru Termed the Vertical Slider (or a Slurve) due to the pitch having more downward break than sideways break compare to a conventional Slider. Slider furuya
Kuki Youhei Kuki first demonstrated his Slider in the intrasquad game.
Kuki Slider
Sawamura Eijun Sawamura demonstrated his Slider to Okumura. He admits he cannot control his Slider properly yet so it has not been used in a game since he first tested it out during the Winter break.
Sawamura Slider


A modern pitch that is a hybrid between a Slider and a Cutter (hence, the portmanteau Slutter) that is gradually seeing more usage at the professional level. The pitch is almost as fast as the pitcher's 4-seam fastball but it has more movement at the plate than a Cutter, making it an extremely difficult pitch to identify in the batter box especially when it's paired with the pitcher's Slider or Cutter as they can look very similar out of the pitcher's hand and behave differently at the plate.


Pitcher Description Image
Amahisa Kōsei Amahisa is the only pitcher in the series that has the Slutter. This pitch breaks so close to the plate and so sharp that batters can't differentiate it from his fastball and often has to chase it only to get struck out. Amahisa introduced and employed this pitch against Yakushi to devastating effect and he even struck out Raichi with it.[2] Amahisa Slutter



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