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Shut Him Down !
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date July 27, 2015
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Shut Him Down!!! is episode 17 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 284 to 286 of the manga.


After Seidou's failed attempt for a double play, the team is in a pinch with bases loaded and no outs. Yet Seidou decides to face Ugumori's momentum head on. Ugumori however, doesn't back down and manage to scale down Seidou's lead to one. Kataoka decides to leave the eighth inning to Furuya, then have Sawamura pitch in the ninth.


The crowd cheer for Ugumori while Haruichi fails to save a bounced ball. With a failed double play attempt, the bases are now loaded with no outs. Seidou plays offensively outing the third runner at the plate. Batting next is Ugumori's lead-off man, Kondou who also finds inspiration from Matsubara and his team. He manages an infield grounder and Seidou attempts another double play only to fail with Kondou getting on base. And while Seidou tried to get the double play, Ugumori takes the opportunity to score a run. Seidou's lead shrunk to one as the crowd cheer wildly for Ugumori to take out Seidou. Kataoka sends a messenger and Sawamura, in his own way encourages Furuya. The messenger let's Furuya know that Kataoka entrusts the inning to him but Furuya is dismayed understanding that he won't be pitching on the ninth. This attitude is good enough for Miyuki, who doesn't mind the opponent stealing bases for as long as they out the batter. Furuya throws a pitch faster than the batters swing for the strike out, and his teammates are delighted with his competitive spirit.

Kataoka doesn't let Furuya pitch the next inning but will have him bat. Miyuki thinks Kawakami will be pitching the ninth but is concerned that Kawakami might get affected with the crowd cheering Ugumori. Kataoka gives Miyuki his instructions and let's the catcher know that he'll be sending Sawamura in the last inning.