Seto Takuma
Seto Takuma act2
Seidou High School
Second Baseman
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Kanji 瀬戸 拓馬
Nickname Taku (by Okumura)
Gender Male
Age 15 (debut)


Date of birth 17 March
Education 3rd Year Junior High (debut)

1st Year High School

Class 1-C
Skills Fast running
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 244
Anime Season 2, Episode 05
Voice Actor Daiki Yamashita

Seto Takuma is a student of Seidou High. He is the roommate of Kanemaru Shinji.


Seto has medium length brown hair (with red highlights) that reaches down to his chin. He is first seen wearing red glasses, a yellow button up shirt, a white, long-sleeved undershirt, blue cargo pants and a white hat.




He was a third year junior high student, and was formerly a shortstop of the Daikyou Senior League. The specific team he was on is unspecified.


Okumura KoushuuEdit

Seto and Okumura attended Daikyou Senior and came to watch Seidou take on Teito in the Fall Tournament when deciding which high school to enroll to. After enrolling at Seidou it's obvious that he sincerely cares about Okumura and often looks out for him, telling him that he doesn't have to push himself so hard.[1]


Seto is a player with good legs and seems to be adept at stealing and putting pressure while on bases. His records and effectiveness are not yet available but Kuramochi once noted that Seto's base stealing techniques demonstrated he must have had an extensive amount of training to be able to employ.

Player Statistics:



  • Until the start of Act II, he was always seen wearing a beanie.
  • During the introduction of the first years, he is seen without his beanie for the first time.
  • He is very confident in his legs.
  • He calls Yuuki Masashi and Yui Kaoru "iron stomach monsters".[1]

Name EtymologyEdit

  • Seto (瀬戸) - Port to the Rapids
  • Takuma (拓馬) - Supporting Horse


  • "Koushuu, whose pitch do you want to catch?" - to Okumura[2]
  • "Everyone here is such a sore loser." [1]



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