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Season 2, Episode 12
Air date June 22, 2015
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Self-Destruction is episode 12 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the story line from second half of Chapter 267 to most pages of Chapter 270.


Inashiro Industrial and Ugumori High's match continue. On top of the eighth, Narumiya is sent to the mound but rejects Tadano's calls for a breaking ball to strike Umemiya out. He throws a fastball which Umemiya hits, resulting to Ugumori High turning the game around and eventually wins the game.


Top of the eighth, no outs, runners on first and second, Inashiro announces a change in players: Narumiya will replace Hirano and Sugi is sent to left field. Narumiya strikes out the batter impressing Umemiya who bats next. After some throws, Ugumori steals a base and now have a runners on first and third. Inashiro calls for a time-out.

The game resume and Narumiya corners Umemiya. Tadano calls for a low change-up to strike Umemiya out but Narumiya shakes his head. Tadano then ask for a fork but Narumiya again rejects. Instead, Narumiya throws a fastball which Umemiya hits and the ball goes just between right and center. Ugumori's runners get home, turning the game around. Meanwhile at the other stadium, the Seidou team looks forward to a rematch against Inashiro only to be informed later on that Inashiro lost.

The Inashiro players are crestfallen, and Kunitomo approach Narumiya in the dug-out. He tells the pitcher that it's his fault they lost, for sending Narumiya to pitch. Narumiya gets angry but Kunitomo goes on to say that Tadano did his best to lead him, and the team followed Narumiya, playing only for themselves. Narumiya breaks down in tears realizing his mistake, but Kunitomo remain confident that Narumiya will surely overcome this obstacle.