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Seihou High
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Yuu Nishidera



Akashi Seiya

Seihou High school (西邦高校) is a baseball school from the Aichi Prefecture under coach Yuu Nishidera.

Seihou is based off of Tōhō HS (東邦高等学校), also from Aichi prefecture. While they regularly reach Koshien, their only recent success was winning the 2019 Haru Koshien.

Seihou High is a Summer Koshien regular (they made consecutive appearances on the 88th and 89th National High School Baseball Championship) and is an established powerhouse.[1] In the 89th Summer Koshien, they were the running favorite to win the Championship; however, they lost to Inashiro Industrial in the Quarter Final in a complete game shutout at the hands of Narumiya Mei who also struck out their best batter Sano Shuuzou 3 times.[2]

Baseball Team[]

First String
Center fielder
1st batter
Nakagawa Shou.png
Nakagawa Shou
2nd baseman
2nd batter
Yamauchi Subaru.png
1st baseman
3rd batter
Ichinose Raimu.png
Ichinose Raimu
4th batter
Akashi Seiya 01.png
Akashi Seiya
3rd baseman
5th batter
Ichijou Reiji.png
Ichijou Reiji
6th batter
Misaki Ryou.png
Misaki Ryou
7th batter
Kitahara Kazuki.png
Kitahara Kazuki
Left fielder
8th batter
Harada Tatsuki.png
Harada Tatsuki
Right fielder
9th batter
Shindou Reo.png
Shindou Reo


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