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Seidou High vs. Nanamori Academy
Score 11-0
Winner Seidou High
Manga Chapter 261-265
Anime Episode 10-11, Season 2
Tournament Fall Tokyo Metropolitan Tournament

The Seidou High vs. Nanamori Gakuen match is a match of the Fall Tokyo Metropolitan Tournament Second Round. This match was held on October 9th at 12:30 P.M.

Starting Members[]

  • 1st - Kuramochi Youichi
  • 2nd - Shirasu Kenjirou
  • 3rd - Kominato Haruichi
  • 4th - Miyuki Kazuya
  • 5th - Maezono Kenta
  • 6th - Furuya Satoru
  • 7th - Toujou Hideaki
  • 8th - Kanemaru Shinji
  • 9th - Sawamura Eijun

  • 1st -
  • 2nd -
  • 3rd -
  • 4th - Gouda
  • 5th -
  • 6th -
  • 7th -
  • 8th -
  • 9th -


Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Seidou High 5 1 0 3 2 - - - - 11
Nanamori Gakuen 0 0 0 0 0 - - - - 0

Summary of the Game[]

On October 9th, Seidou High face Nanamori Academy in the second round of the Fall tournament. Furuya is displeased playing left field and Nanamori's coach, Tatsuomi Hara thinks Seidou underestimates them but looks happy. For Seidou's lineup, Haruichi is the three-hole to his surprise, while Maezono moves down to fifth. Kanemaru also get's to play being the eighth batter and third baseman. At the bullpen Sawamura warms-up with Miyuki and unknowingly finally throws to the inside.

Sawamura versus Gouda.

Seidou attacks relentlessly at the top of the first and is up by two. With two outs and bases loaded, at-bat is Kanemaru who hit right between left and center. The runners get home and Seidou's lead expand. At Seidou's defense, Sawamura throws to the outside displeasing Ochiai who watch from the stands. Miyuki calls for an inside pitch but Sawamura hits the batter. Sawamura walks the second batter. The third batter gets out but successfully advance the runners. Nanamori's fourth batter, Gouda is up. The first pitch is a foul. Miyuki want to ask for inside pitches but decides to play it safe and calls for an outside. Sawamura shakes off the sign understanding the batter, and wants to pitch to the inside. Miyuki looks at Kataoka who nods his head.

Sawamura successfully throws to the inside and gets over-excited. Nanamori's giant however, hits the next pitch to left field. Furuya catches the ball, quickly throwing back home. On top of the fifth, Seidou is up by eleven and they bag the win.



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