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This article is about the Summer Qualifiers match in Act II. You may be looking for the Spring match.

Seidou High vs. Ichidaisan High (WTT)
Seidou vs Ichidaisan (Act II Summer)
Score 1-2
Winner Seidou High
Manga Act II, Chapter 224 - 253
Anime n/a
Tournament West Tokyo Tournament

The Seidou High vs. Ichidaisan High match is one the semifinals match held during the 90th National High School Baseball Championship qualifiers on July 26 at the Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium. It's Seidou's 5th game of the summer tournament.

Starting Members[]

  • 1st – Chimaru Kouji
  • 2nd – Mori Hiroshi
  • 3rd – Miyagawa Teru
  • 4th – Hoshida Mamoru
  • 5th - Sasaki Shinsuke
  • 6th - Adachi Hiroki
  • 7th - Takami Akito
  • 8th - Amahisa Kousei
  • 9th - Miyamori


Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Ichidaisan High 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
Seidou High 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 X 2

Summary of the Game[]

First Inning: Seidou begins defense with Sawamura as the starting pitcher. With Kawakami out due to an elbow inflamation, it's on him and Furuya to pitch this game. Ichidai's lead-off man, Chimaru, bats first. Miyuki asks for number 9- the revised Splitter right from the first pitch. Chimaru makes weak contact and grounded out to third, caught by Kanemaru and easily threw to Maezono at first for the first out. The second batter, Mori swings and miss for the first pitch and it's a strike. A cutter thrown for the second pitch and it's fouled. With the batter cornered, Sawamura throws another revised splitter for the third pitch and it's a grounder to Kominato for the second out. Sawamura throws a changeup for the first pitch and Miyagawa, the third batter, lets it pass and it counts as a strike. Second pitch hits a grounder to first and it's three outs with only 6 pitches thrown.

Seidou's turn to attack and Kuramochi is up to bat. A hit for the first pitch to center field and he's on base. Kuramochi takes a big lead but was then picked-off by Amahisa for the first out. Now, with no runners on base, Amahisa racks up the usage of his new pitch, the Slutter and struck out Haruichi swinging. Amahisa made quick work on Shirasu and struck him out in 3 pitches.

Second Inning: On top of the second inning, Ichidai´s fourth batter, Hoshida, leads of. After getting a strike with the splitter, the Seido battery throw a change up for the strike out. Despite his timing being off, Hoshida extends his swing with one hand and drive the ball deep CF. With no outs and runners on second, Ichidai´s fifth batter, Sasaki, bunts at the first pitch, resulting in runner on third with one out. Up next is Ichidai´s captain, Adachi. The Seido infield executes a defensive shift, drawing in closer to prevent a squeeze play. With two strikes, the Seido battery decide to bring out their fastball for the first time. Despite jamming the batter, the ball flies above the drawn in fielders. At the last second Kuramochi catches the ball near the outfield, resulting in two outs and runner on third. Sawamura jams the next batter, getting out of the pinch.

In the bottom of the second inning start with Miyuki as the lead off batter. After getting to a full count, Amahisa strikes out Miyuki with the Slutter, who takes the breaking ball looking, not even attempting to swing and bothered Amahisa with that non-reaction. He then proceeds to get both Zono and Toujou to ground out.

Third Inning: Top of the third, Seidou is facing Ichidai's ace, Amahisa, who gives up two strikes wanting to hit the new pitch, number 9. But, true to their style, they strike out Amahisa with the new pitch, much to his dismay. Then comes their ninth batter, Miyamoto but Sawamura quickly strikes him out while beating his fastest record with a 140 km pitch. Back to the top of the line up with Chimaru who becomes the third out by failing to hit an outside corner, changeup, and strikes out on an inside corner.

Sending Yuuki up to the batter box, Amahisa manages to strike him out with changing his pitching speed by -10%. Kanemaru, 8-hole, with the coach's words ringing through his head cleanly hits Ichidai's pitcher's curve ball down to the left. Then comes Sawamura taking his bunting stance and after fouling the first out he manages to stop it's momentum and make it roll. Back to the top of Kuramochi fouls the pitch to the outside corner, choking on the bat he lets go a low indie pitch that ends up being a ball. Kuramochi fouls a high inside fastball but hits a back foot slider yet failing to run faster than the ball he becomes the third out.

Fourth Inning: The second hole of Ichidai, Mori is quickly cornered with a 1-2 count, pops the ball which is then caught by Haruichi. Back to Miyagama, the Seidou battery brings back the count to 1-2 yet again however the fourth pitch is hit and a fielding error by Seidou's first baseman Miyagama reaches second. Agaisnt Sankou's cleanup, Hoshida, the battery jammed him with an inside pitch and quickly get up in the count with another strike on a perfectly located out-low pitch. Sawamura strikes-out Hoshida with a breaking ball to the outside corner sharing with us a bit of his thoughts on what type of ace he aims to be. Next up to bat is Sasaki who managed to make contact on an outside pitch to bring in Miyagawa for the first run of the game by either team. Amahisa was excited with the run and announces Sankou's victory, confident in his ability to win a 1-run game. Fifth batter, Adachi, hits a grounder which is caught by Haruichi and gets him out.

Bottom of the fourth, Amahisa is determined to protect their one run lead. Haruichi leads off with a single to opposite field. Shirasu feints bunt and Amahisa walked him, feeling the mounting pressure from Seidou. With 0 out, runners on 1st and 2nd, Miyuki comes up to bat. He fouled off the first pitch and watched the next Slider for a ball, Miyuki hits the 3rd pitch hard to the right field gap but was caught by 1st baseman Hoshida who then threw to second to retire Shirasu and back to Amahisa at 1B for a marvelous 3-6-1 Double play. With 2 outs, Maezono goes up to bat grounded out to third and Amahisa escapped the jam.

Fifth Inning: Probably feeling a bit pressured Sawamura starts off with 3-1 but manages to get Takami to ground out. Amahisa and Miyamoto are also retired by grounding out to 2nd base.

Bottom of the fifth, Seidou's righties outright ignore the outside Slider and instead target the inside corner. With one out an a runner on base the inning ends with Ichidai getting Kanemaru and Sawamura out one after the other and Ichidai's pitcher reveling in the energy on the field.

Sixth Inning: Determined not to give up any more run Sawamura strikes out the 1st and 2nd hole however Miyagawa sends a ball way back CF and get on base with a deep single. With two outs and a runner on first, Ichidaisan has another opportunity to add on but Sawamura forced Hoshida to ground out to 2nd, containing another potential rally from Ichidaisan.

In the bottom inning, Kuramochi gets a hard on on a 2-1 count but it went straight into Amahisa's glove. Amahisa struck out Haruichi but Shirasu gets on base with another deep hit to outfield, proving to be the toughest out for Amahisa throughout the whole game. Miyuki is presented with an opportunity to tie the game or get Seidou the lead if he can get a HR. Miyuki makes hard contact for a long outfield hit but it wasn't deep enough as the outfielder caught the ball a few meters away from the fence. Once again, Seidou offense was contained.

Seventh Inning: 2 outs and no runners, putting his feelings of not wanting to fail his senpais, Sawamura strikes out the third batter with a pitch on the outside corner and maintain a scoreless inning since the 4th.

Bottom on the seventh, Sawamura's energy making the rest of the team wanting to answer in kind. Seidou batters step up to the plate with strengthened resolve. With a count of 2-2 Maezono hits center field and gets to first base a hit for all the third years including him. Toujou follows through with a sacrifice bunt, moving Maezono to second. Third batter up is Masashi and he fouls off a few pitches, making a battle out of the at bat but Amahisa won the encounter again by forcing him to ground out, Zono however was able to tag up to move to 3rd. Kanemaru then grounded out to 2B and Seidou relinquished yet another opportunity with runner in scoring position.

Eight Inning: As the tail end part of the game approaches, Seidou's windows of opportunity seemingly closing out on them, Sawamura brightened up the mood of the team and reignited the team's spirit. Kawakami goes up to the bullpen and does shadow pitching as his own way of encouraging the team. Sawamura channeled Kawakami's determination and gets in the "zone" for the first time in this tournament. He started off by striking out Amahisa looking by executing a back-door Cutter for the first time. Ichidai's coach reflects on Seidou's pitcher line up with Furyuya joining Nori in the bullpen, but is confident they will win in an one-on-one pitcher duel. Sawamura then proceeded to strikeout both Miyamoto and Chimaru to end the inning, sending a statement and pressure back to Ichidaisan's dugout.

In the bottom of the 8th, Amahisa is starting to feel the heat both from the field and from a determined Seidou's lineup. After striking out Sawamura, it rounded back to Seidou's top of the order, starting with Kuramochi. Mochi worked the count and get a hit to CF to get on first base. Amahisa gradually shows sign of fatigue catching up to him as his pitch command begins to fluctuate. With Haruichi at the plate, Kuramochi steals 2nd even from a smaller lead. Haruichi is determined to get Sawamura a run for his inspiring pitcher and he makes contact for a hard hit through the 1st and 2nd base gap, the hit went through infield but was covered by the right fielder to barely retire Haruichi at 1st while Mochi moved to 3rd. It was 2 outs, runner on 3rd with Shirasu up to bat and Miyuki coming up behind him. The battery decides to battle Shirasu instead of walking him and Shirasu once again takes a pitch to center field to drive Mochi and the first run in for Seidou, tying the game. With the flow of the game shifting; Miyuki focuses only on delivering his responsibility of being the 4th hole batter of Seidou, to come through when it counts, Miyuki is locked in on the at bat. After a lengthy battle and at full-count, Ichidaisan's battery opted for another Slider; however, Miyuki has been able to see Amahisa's breaking pitches well up to this point and unfortunately, the breaking pitch did not move properly, Miyuki hits the flattened out Slider to deep outfield, over a shallow playing Ichidaisan line of defense. Shirasu started early and he rounded 2nd and 3rd to home-in and scores Seidou's go-ahead run. With the 2 out rally, Seidou have turned the table on Ichidaisan. Zono is up to bat next and although he landed a deep fly ball but Miyagawa managed to track it down to retire Zono for 3 out.

Ninth Inning: With a pitch count of 102, Sawamura was expecting himself to get switched at the top of the 9th but Kataoka placed his trust in his Ace and asks Sawamura to finish the job. Asou is subbed in to replace Masashi, playing LF to fortify Seidou's defense. Fully expecting Ichidaisan to not go down without a fight, Sawamura prepares himself for 3 important out. Sawamura jammed Miyagawa for a grounder to pitcher and throws to first for one out. Miyagawa is up to bat next. Sawamura gets a bit tentative and ended up walking Miyagawa on base on a dead ball, triggering a flashback to the previous Summer in against Inajitsu. Hoshida comes up to bat with Amahisa in the bullpen wanting to go up to the mound one last time. The battery took a timeout to still Sawamura's nerves. Sawamura then battles Hoshida and managed to force him into an infield grounder. The keystone combo has their pitcher's back once more with Kuramochi throwing the ball to Haruichi to retire the runner Miyagawa and then to 1st to retire Hoshida for a 6-4-3 Double play, ending the game.

Seidou advances to the Finals while Ichichai's summer comes to a close.


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