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School Academic Level
Season 2, Episode 23
Air date September 7, 2015
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School Academic Level is episode 23 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the manga story line from Chapter 303 to Chapter 305.


Ouya High scores two runs at the bottom of the first and seems to have Seidou all figured out. Sawamura however, does a good job keeping Ouya to two runs. On top of the sixth and thanks to Nabe's scouting talent, Seidou have a plan to use against Ouya.


Ouya's playing mind games on Sawamura, first making the him commit a balk followed by a RBI. At the bottom of the first, Ouya scores 2 runs. At Seidou's offense, Haruichi bunts after Shirasu got a base hit. Batting next is Miyuki who got a hit earlier on. The first pitch is a strike, next is a ball, the third is a foul, followed by another ball. The fifth pitch, Wakabayashi changes his form, pitching from the side surprising Miyuki. The batted ball bounces to Wakabayashi's mitt and Miyuki is out on first. Maezono hits a fly ball to left field that is caught by the fielder. At Seidou's defense, Sawamura does a good job keeping Ouya to two runs.

Top of the fifth, Tojou makes a double landing a hit between left and center. Kanemaru sacrifice bunts, advancing Tojou to third. Batting eighth for Seidou is Asou who hit up a low ball to center. The fielder catch the ball quickly throwing back home in an effort to out Tojou at the plate. Tojou however, still scores. Bottom of the fifth, Sawamura doesn't let Ouya's batters get on base, and Coach Araki wonders if that's the ability of a secondary pitcher. Top of the sixth, thanks to Nabe's scouting skills, Seidou have a plan to use against Ouya.