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Season 2, Episode 08
Air date May 25, 2015
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Scenario is episode 8 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from second half of chapter 254 to chapter 257 of the manga.


Teitou's battery plan to distract Maezono with an inside pitch, then finish off with an outside. Maezono hits the inside, bringing all runners home and Seidou is up by two. On top of the ninth, Kawakami struggle to get one more out. Miyuki calls for the timeout and calms him down by pointing out the scenery above. Later in the staff room, Ochiai asks Kataoka why he choose to send Sawamura on top of the sixth. Kataoka answers, explaining that it's for the team to grow.


Bottom of the eighth, Kataoka and Miyuki give Maezono their piece of advice. At-bat, he is quickly cornered after three pitches (a screwball, slider then a fastball). The fourth pitch, is a ball and the count is 2-2. The fifth pitch, which Teitou hoped to finish off the batter, gets tapped and is a foul. Teitou's battery plan to distract Maezono with an inside pitch, that'll foul and finish him off with an outside. Mukai pictures the winning pitch, then throws to the inside. Maezono hits and the ball goes to left field, bringing home all the runners. Maezono attempts for third but gets out. Seidou takes the lead by two.

On top of the ninth, Kawakami is on the mound. Teitou scores a run but the count is two outs with the bases loaded. Miyuki calls for a time-out. The fielders try to encourage Kawakami, who thinks of Narumiya's winning hit during the summer. Miyuki notice the sky and tells Kawakami to look above. The rain had stopped and the clouds are clearing up. Kawakami is revitalized and outs the batter. Game set, the final score is Teitou -2; Seidou-3. Kengo tells Mukai that they'll have a long off-season but Mukai thinks otherwise, if they work on what they need. From the crowd, Okumura and his friend Seto decides to go to Seidou. Later, coach Okamoto is interviewed by journalists Mine and Owada outside the stadium.

At Seidou, Maezono gets teased by the team for his failed run for third. Maezono calls out Haruichi and they go practice their batting. Kuramochi tells Miyuki that Furuya is still running on the field. Miyuki says to let Furuya run all he wants. Sawamura reads a text from Wakana and mails his reply. In the staff room, Ochiai asks Kataoka why he sent for Sawamura on top of the sixth instead of Kawakami. Kataoka gives his answer that it's for the team to grow, and Ochiai thinks that he needs to start promoting himself.