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Season 1, Episode 43
Air date August 10, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Revenge (Ribenji, リベンジ) is Episode 43 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapters 127 to 130 of the manga.


With the bases once again loaded, Haruichi is sent to the batters box in Tanba's stead and hits Maki's curveball, expanding Seidou's lead by three. In the bottom of the sixth, Sawamura steps on the mound and Sensen execute their strategy of pressuring the pitcher. With Sensen in the position to score, Miyuki calls for a timeout but Sawamura turns it down, looking unfazed.


The game is tied on top of the sixth and Miyuki is once again walked, loading the bases. Sakai, batting seventh, strikes out. With two outs and the bases loaded, Tanba gets subbed in for Haruichi in the eighth slot. Maki is not happy, and quickly corners Haruichi. Maki throws a curveball next thinking that's it's too early for Haruichi to be wearing Seidou's uniform. But Haruichi hit the curve to deep left field, just over the fielder’s glove. Three base runners come home and he gets a double.

Bottom of the sixth, Sawamura takes the mound. In Sensen's dugout, Maki's teammates encourage him after the coach says he'll be replacing Maki if anything happens. The first batter gets a walk, but Sawamura is being his usual self, shouting out whatever he think. Sensen shows squeeze play next, but actually is a hit and run. The first pitch goes shallow outfield and Ryosuke is just too short to get the out. The third base runner comes in. Miyuki calls for a time-out but Sawamura turns it down, explaining that it's baseball so allowing hits is normal. With runners on first and third, Sensen's next batter follows the same strategy of pressuring Sawamura. The batter pops a fly to second but Ryousuke doesn't get the catch. Sensen takes back one run.

Furuya goes to the bullpen, Sawamura gets pumped. Haruichi goes to the mound bearing Kataoka's message that Masuko's bald head will distract the team. They’re trying to relax Sawamura, but Miyuki only rile him up. Miyuki’s goading him on and he’s trying to make him play his best right after being at his lowest. Sawamura will now face Sensen's ace, Maki.